February 9, 2007

I Am Glad No One Was Looking

We were watching our neighbors' dogs while they were on vacation. I went to let them out the other day and noticed there was red splattered all in the fresh snow. Maybe it was too early in the morning, I don't know, but I am still trying to understand my thinking... My initial reaction was to look up at the sky - was a bird bleeding? Was I really expecting to see blood fall from the sky?

I soon found out it was from the dog as I see dozens of bloody paw prints on the kitchen floor. I shooed the dogs back outside while I cleaned it up and composed myself. Turns out his toenail ripped off or something- I still haven't been able to figure it out, but I made an early call to our neighbors in Disney World and the blood stopped and all seems to be well now.

That would have been weird, though, if it really had been a bird bleeding.

But then, the same day, I kinda wish someone had been looking...

While I madly knit away to finish this, my hubby cleaned the kitchen- swept the floor, washed all the dishes by hand, cleaned all the counters, even the kids' placemats, and read the boys their bedtime story, without me even asking. So just in case you thought differently of my hubby after this post, you can be assured that he appreciates me probably more than many husbands would, and he loves to be my helpmate just as much as I am his...


  1. Beat ya Flip Flop!!! Ha Ha Ha

    MY hubs is great about helping me. Hence the 4 kids. I mean.... what I'm trying to say is with 4 kids, I think it would be a hard life if hubs didn't help. Ya know. I know that I am blessed. It sounds like you are too.

  2. Too sweet!

    And yes, um a bird bleeding would be quite weird. I don't think I've seen a bird bleed - do birds bleed? :)

  3. Nicole is a hoot!

    You are too funny! I never would have thought that it was a bird!! LOL. Yes, you have a great hubby! Mine won't even clean when I'm sick!! Ugh, poor me.

  4. LOL A bleeding bird....you are too funny. But hey..that COULD happen!

    What a great hubby...that always helps when they do those little things that we HATE doing! =)

  5. OH, Stephanie, you know how I feel about dogs, the idea of one bleeding my kitchen! Aaaahhhhhh! That was so nice of Jeff. Scott does stuff like that every once in a while. It's the best!

  6. That sounds like something I'd do... LOL

    And big kudos to your hubby! That sort of miracle happens here on occasion.

    My dh helps with the laundry... he brings a load up from the dryer smashed into the laundry basket and leaves it that way. It makes for some baaad wrinkles, but hey if he doesn't mind wearing clothes like that to work, why should I!

  7. A bleeding bird... that would have been interesting. Glad it was just a toenail.

  8. Just the fact that you wrote down your thought process of a bird possibly bleeding cracks me up to no end! Really, this made me laugh! You are so adorable! (Oh and that hubby of yours is too!)

  9. Oh your husband is good. My hubby has really gone all out at the moment. I am feeling very spoiled. Glad it was just a nail and nothing more.

  10. i was just googling something about babywearing at disney and ended up here. i remember reading it the first time!


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