February 22, 2007

Before You Throw Stones

I'm not saying that I haven't spoken my own disapproving opinion about the Britney Spears situation. But, before we all start throwing stones like the rest of America and beyond, I've been thinking about something...

I can't imagine how my life would be if every move I made was on display for all to see. Here on my blog I can pick and choose what you see through my little window. I, too, want to know that her children are well-cared for. Ideally being cared for by their own mother would be want I'd want to see. But, if she is in a state of being where she can't care for them as needed, then I think putting them in good care elsewhere is better than nothing at all, or worse.

I have read reports from nannies she had hired in the past that she only liked to hold her baby for 10 minutes and then would hand them over to the nanny and say "I'm done." As much as that drives a knife in my heart for those little ones, I am glad they are at least still getting human touch by those nannies.

How many babies in good homes these days spend most of their time in a bouncy seat, baby swing, or crib? Not feeling their Mama's touch nearly as much as they need? Or only in Mama's arms at feeding time? And how many times have we used the TV as a "nanny" ? Some might use this more often than not. Again, at least Britney's nannies are humans.

We can only see into this mom's life by what the already slanted media shows us. Yes, we can make assumptions by her partying ways and past mistakes. But are we so perfect?

Probably the best plate of humble pie I've eaten was after reading Mopsy's letter to Britney here.

And then a follow-up here.

Now take those stones and go build a play fort or something. ; )


  1. As a working mom, I would hate to have the media there when I finally give in to my 2 year old and give her a cookie for breakfast.

  2. The whole thing just makes me sad -- the kids, the media, the downward spiral. To be honest, I'd rather not know the details at this point. (Yes, me who reads US Weekly!)

    I just pray that everything works out for her and her boys. I really do.

  3. What a wonderful post. Why must people assume that only wanting to hold her baby for 10 minutes meant that she didn't care for them? Perhaps PPD contributed to her apathy? Perhaps she had fears of inadequacy and felt the nanny could be a better caretaker? Perhaps she was terrified the paparazzi would photograph her doing yet another thing that was “wrong?” Those who throw stones indeed…

  4. It is refreshing to see this sentiment out there. I have felt the urge to do the quick judgment of her but upon further thought she just makes me sad. I hurt for her because she appears so lost and lonely. I really do hope she can find a way to pull herself together...not just for her boys, but for herself.

  5. Nice to read another side or view to this sad story. I just feel sorry for the girl. I think she got in way over her head on the babies/marriage thing, and is regretting it. I truly hope she can pull this out & get well, for the sake of herself, and for her children. She needs MANY prayers. =)

  6. I agree with this post whole-heartedly. And I have felt only sadness for her and her children. A late-night comic said it best that while he makes fun of the stars and politicians, he does not make fun of the vulnerable.

    We all need to stop casting stones and making sure we're doing the best job we can!

  7. Great post! While Mama is always best, as a former nanny I am a huge fan of the role a good nanny can play in a child's life.

    I'm a big believer in the fact that celebrities do willingly put themselves out there, but I can NOT imagine what it's like to have your every move and fumble broadcast to the world. And you're right, even if they are out there in the public eye what right do we have to pass judgment.

  8. I was watching a news thing online, and they were taking this whole Britney thing very seriously, they set aside all joking and were truly concerned about her behavior. They had Dr. Drew on there, and he said that she really has problems that need to be delt with and in order to get accepted into a rehab, you have to follow certain criteria. To be admitted twice, she would have met the criteria. The lady who owns the salon where she shaved off her hair said that she asked the body guard "are you sure she can do this?" and he replied "she's Britney Spears, she can do whatever she wants." Dr. Drew said that he's a little frightened that she doesn't have any one to guide her or give her direction. I'm worried about her kids, Kfed has them right now, and I just don't think that's a good situation either.

  9. I just feel bad for her AND those babies. She is so impaired right now that she doesn't even know what she is doing. I just read that she is in rehab for a 3rd time and that if she leaves early then KFed is going to try and get full custody of the kids. I just think we all should be praying for her. She is so lost and you are right, in front of the world. THAT would be hard.

  10. I was watching something on tv and they were slicing and dicing up her personal life, mainly on the topic of why she would shave her head. And I'm screaming "If a person wants to stinking shave her head, then that's her thing, she doesn't have to be on drugs, drunk, depressed, suicidal, physchotic. There doesn't need to be a reason.
    ps. Enjoyed the part about baby touch, makes my job (housewife) seem much more important, thanks!


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