January 16, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday: Party Time

I have this idea for New Year's Eve. I know- thinking a bit ahead, but it involves parties throughout the year.

This year, as we have birthday parties and holidays, I am saving all leftover plates, napkins, party hats, etc. and we will use them for our New Year's Eve party at the end of the year.

And how fun to reminisce about each party and look back over our year.
(For example, the kids' Star Wars birthday party hats, Mom's "Over The Hill" 50th birthday bash memorabilia, 4th of July patriotic partyware, Thanksgiving turkey napkins.)

A great way to re-use, too.

Everything will be mis-matched but I think that will make it even more fun. Who doesn't like to take a walk down memory lane?

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Photo courtesy of hulagirl.


  1. Well, I'm impressed. You have kids AND you are able to put together a New Years Eve party. I haven't been able to stay awake past 10 on New Years Eve since the birth of the first kid.

    I think it's an excellent idea! I'm all about recycling.

  2. I love your idea....memory lane....

  3. Clever idea! I'll come to your party. :) That would be fun, and definitely trigger memories.
    And who doesn't usually have those things leftover? Over a year after my son's 1st b-day party, we were STILL using those plates and napkins! lol.

  4. Great idea! I also save left over party supplies and just use them with my family whenever I'm feeling festive. But, I like your idea better!

  5. That is a great idea. We just use everything around the house until it's gone, or Hunter likes to have parties for his stuffed animals.

  6. What a GREAT idea!! I think I even still have some leftover plates, etc from kids parties. I don't know why I saved them..but I did! haha

  7. We re-use the party stuff all the time. Hence the reason I tend to buy the plates and napkins that say "Happy Birthday" or just have confetti on them.

  8. What a great idea, you are so clever, Stephanie!
    Being thirty must be working for you!

  9. Super idea! I will remember that one!

  10. Very cute idea! We ollect so many different-themed plates and utensils throughout the year. Love it!!

  11. I've never seen this idea before--what an inspiration! Thanks.

  12. Sounds like a good idea! :o) We did that for our collective (mine, my mom's and dd's) birthday party two weeks ago. I bought a package of princess plates for dd but otherwise mixed them in with Peter Rabbit plates (from my 6yo's baby shower!), puppy plates (from ds' 2y bday party almost two years ago), plates with BABY spelled using blocks (from a baby shower my mom and I hosted last summer) and a few other random plates. We had random napkins too- and we STILL have leftovers even after hosting 20 people!

    I hate paying for paper plates (knowing they go to the trash ya know) but this works out well... I have some handy if I know I won't have time to wash dishes but I'm not having to go buy any. LOL


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