January 26, 2007

What's In A Name

While Jeff and I were engaged, we talked about having kids, how many we wanted, and names we liked. The first boy name each of us had in mind, but hadn't told each other, was Noah. And we just knew our first child would be a boy (we didn't want to find out via ultrasound), and we named him Noah. His name means peace and comfort. It fits him perfectly.

Noah was 8 months old when we found out we were pregnant with Carter. We did find out by the ultrasound that we were having a boy, and I think we came up with his name pretty quickly. My best friend Jen had a friend named Carter and he's our age and I just thought it was a cool name. I told her to ask him if he liked his name (I wasn't sure if it was one of those names that is cutesy for a baby, but not so fun as an adult.) He said he loved his name, and hubby and I really loved it, too.

Carter means "transporter" and "maker of carts" and he does love cars and anything on wheels actually... if that means anything? I think I read somewhere once that it also means "introspective," which is very fitting, too. Anyone that meets Carter will agree that he is such a Carter!

Gray's name was much more difficult for us. We again found out we would be having another boy and hubby and I just couldn't agree on a name. I got one of those 50,001 Baby Names books and would write down a new set of names each night. Hubby dreaded it. He hated every name I came up with. I am serious when I say I really liked the name Tazo (it means third son!) and hubby thought I had just about lost it. We could call him Tay or Tayz...


A couple weeks before my due date, I was emailing my Aunt Diane in Louisiana to help us come up with some names. My family down there had to evacuate from Hurricane Rita at the time. They were getting cabin fever and needed something to do. They sent me a huge list of names including middle names!

The very last name on the list was Grayson. I just liked it immediately. I then had a feeling that Jeff would hate it, so I almost didn't even mention it. (He was getting pretty annoyed by this time at all the names I was coming up with.) I remember him at the top of the stairs as I came up and suggested the name. He gave a cute look and said, "And we could we call him Gray?" I said I liked that. He did, too. Then we agreed not to tell anyone until he was born, and we wanted to meet him first before we officially decided his name. We didn't want to hear anyone else's opinion about it either!

Less than a week later, our little Gray was born. I was so glad we had a name for him! Grayson literally means "son of a gray haired man." But, my mother-in-law interpreted the meaning as "the Lord's son" ... saying who is The gray haired one? The Ancient of Days. I like that meaning!

He's such a Gray... and we didn't even end up getting his name out of that book of 50,001 baby names! But, I love the special way we came up with all of our boys' names.

Tazo's obviously out if we ever had another boy. Hmmm... wonder what names mean 4th son? (Just kidding, hubby! Well, kinda...)


  1. it's awesome how naming happens. it's such a big responsibility. i like looking back at almost names. we considered jamie for a long time, but our son is SO not a jamie. it's funny how the right thing just comes.

  2. I have 1 girl & 1 boy...so I only had to come up w/ 1 boy name. I thought boy names were SO much harder than girl names! I wanted my son to have the same initials as his daddy..and have part of his dads name. Hubbies first name is Donald (yeah NO...LOL)..middle Kirk..but he goes by Kirk. So...we came up with Dylan Kirk. I have always loved it..and it is very fitting for him. Anyone that knows me though, knows I NEVER call him Dylan. Its always Dilly...Dink..oh theres so many more. LOL Don't ask me why I do that...I just do!

  3. LOVE your boys name btw...VERY cute...

  4. What a great post! All of their names are perfect for them - it's amazing how that happens isn't it? I think one of my favorite parts of being pregnant was dreaming up names for our little one!

  5. And what sweet beautiful boys they are! Naming a child is an amazing thing isn't it? Ummm...Scott says you got all the names for your boys from ER. : )

  6. Oh yeah, I forgot. But what about Gray? Is there a Gray on ER? I still have never seen that show (HATE hospital shows!- and YES that includes GREY'S ANATOMY!)


  7. PS - I hope you don't mind - you inspired my post today!

  8. Very cute! I love hearing how people come up with their baby's name. We picked our daughter's name very early in our pregnancy and said 'we will keep looking' but nothing else even compared. I think that sometimes you just know.. other times you think about Tazo ;)

  9. We came up with 4 girl names and 4 boys names when we were dating. We continued to modify the names as our tastes changed. We were certain Liam was going to be a girl and we had two names we couldn't decide between! Good thing we had a boy... we knew Liam was the name!

    Great stories! Love all their names!

  10. I love your boy names. I thought finding a name for our kids was SO fun. I would go into how I got all my kid's names, but I will spare you this once. HA. I had no idea that you got pregnant with Carter when Noah was 8 months old. I had no idea they were that close in age.

  11. You know where I got "my Carter's" name from! :) I thought he was going to be born without a name. We couldn't agree on anything either. The first 2 were easy.

    p.s. I really like all your boys names.

  12. If people don't know my kids real names, then they're in for a treat! LOL (am I full of it or what?)

    SlowMo, Aliyah means Exhaulted. Which I love!!

    With theBeast, Selah I did the same thing you did with all the names! I really REALLY liked the name Teagan, and for a girl. TheFM hated it!!! I fought and fought, and I'm now happy becuase she doesn't seem like a Teagan. Selah means (they're actually not sure what it means, but some theologians think) Crescendo, Dramatic pause, reflect. It's definatley a music term and is found in the book of Psalms.

    Both of my girls names are hebrew. If this next baby is a boy, theFM wants a junior. gag me. But at least it would be Jonathan, and that's a hebrew name as well. I really want to name him David. David would be his middle name. If it's a girl, we have no idea. We can't agree on anything yet. The 2 names so far that he's said were considerable are Lydia, and Violet. I'm still not sure though.

    I love your boys names!! I think they have very cool names.

  13. I remember each time you were naming your boys. :)

    MATT: Gift of God
    MARK: Warrior

  14. I love every one of your kids' names. And it sounds like they fit each of their personalities. If we have a boy some day, I'm in trouble. Boys names are hard!

  15. I too like your taste in names. They somehow manage to be cute enough for a kiddo, strong enough for a man.

    I am confident if and when Baby #4 heads your way, he or she will have an awesome name too!

  16. Gray's daddy would like to mention that Stephanie said I could name him anything I wanted, as long as she approved. Hey Husbands - isn't that how marriage works? Yeah yeah yeah.

    p.s. I love Gray's name so much, and I've nicknamed him "Graby Baby". His other nickname is "pistol" because
    he can be one quite often.

  17. I've never seen ER either! I like your sons' names - they're both modern and elegant while still being masculine and classy - a fine balance!

  18. I love this post! (And Noah is such a great boy's name, but my husband wouldn't agree to it!)

  19. Don't you love the way it seems to be our job to throw possibilities out there, and the hubby's job to shoot them all down and not come up with anything himself? :)

    We still haven't named our boy who is due in five weeks and I'm getting a little panicky. I want it settled.

    Love your boys' names!

  20. Aww - is that a comment from hubby?! David LOVES Graby Baby! I won't post what Xavier calls him! :)

  21. Those are great names and names are very meaningful. It's amazing how many people are so much their name when they grow up!

    I have 3 boys and 1 girl. I had the final say - I was the one pushing out the beasts afterall... ;-)

    Quinton David
    Emma Shalise Joy
    Liam Alexander Paul
    Jacob Zane

    All have their own special reasons why they have those names.

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for getting "flip-flop Mama" to share everyone's name... but her own... hhmmmmm ;-)

  22. Madison was on a list as well....Kennedy, Reagan, Mallory and Madison.......her middle naeme is my mother's name...Grace. Scott came home one day and said she is a Madison and that was it.

    Miller is my mom's maiden name and we wanted to stay with the letter M...his name is different and no one has it. His middle name is Scott after my husband.

    We have a friend who has a son named Graham and they call him Gray. It is very sweet.

  23. Teagan and Keagan are very popular boys names at my son's school. I love these names very boyish. For a girl siobhan,sloan, and Tegwin.

  24. My son's name is Teagan-means handsome and that he is. My daughters name is Renata means to be reborn,christian. I also like the name Raessa for a girl-next time.


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