January 12, 2007

What Is She Smiling About?

Well, why shouldn't I be smiling? How sweet it is, I'm feeling the love from all the comments you've left. I loved hearing how you've found my blog! If you've still not de-lurked, please do!

Want to see what I did last night? Check out Ashlee's post about it here. Still smiling from that, too.

Oh, have you seen the latest Mothering magazine? "How To Wear Your Baby" is featured. A dad is pictured on the cover wearing his child... it's great! Real Men Wear Babies, you know! The new issue is full of ways to wear your baby, a story about it, and there are ads throughout with beautiful slings... Run to your nearest bookstore and grab a copy if you don't already have one!

And my friend Christie emailed a video showing a woman turning a bed sheet into a baby carrier. It's in Spanish, but very neat to watch! Check it out!

What are you smiling about?


  1. YOU ARE KILLING ME! I want a new BE-U-TI-FUL sling -- but my "baby" is 4!!!!!!!

    I need another baby. (is it wrong to want another baby just so I can have a new sling???)

  2. That was a cool video! Same concept as the knit wrap, but everyone has a bed sheet lying around. And I liked seeing that she was using what looked like a 2 year old! Nice.

  3. I loved that video! And yes, I'm still smiling too! On point with what flip said - I think many people think they have to stop wearing their 'babies' when they aren't 'babies' anymore... A little one I was nanny for was worn until he was nearly 3 (and he wasn't tiny!) and I plan to wear X until it is no longer physically possible :) Maybe you could do a post about 'extended babywearing' sometime?!

  4. I figured I'll have to post about extended babywearing if I keep my blog name like this forever! Someday Gray won't be a "baby" anymore, but I bet I'll still be wearing him around! I have gotten spoiled with not having to use a stroller! Don't want to go back! Maybe it's not a bad thing that he's still so tiny!

  5. I liked the video! Even my boys watched it and thought it was cool. (they don't have school today)

    Your posts about babywearing are great, full of great information. Ashlee is right, you should do a post on extented babywearing. I've learned a lot from you.

    I wanted to tell you that a friend of mine called the other day and wanted to know where I got my slings. She has a friend that is having a baby and wanted to buy her a sling for her baby shower!!!

  6. Good for you and your many, many comments! That's fun!
    My husband brought our baby sling into the delivery room, so the Baby was being worn by her daddy at only a few minutes old. I LOVE that man!

  7. Wow you got lots of comments. I am scared to do that on mine in fear noone has been lurking!! Ha.

    Cool video. I wish I had been a babywearer. It looks like fun!!

  8. Wellllll, my darling, I'm smiling about you! ;)
    Um, reading your comment above about needing to write about extended wearing bc Gray will one day be out of a sling: to that I say... hello? You'll be prego by then, silly!
    Miss you!

  9. I'm smiling because Ethan slept for like 6 continuous hours last night! And I may be moving to Florida in Feb! Good by grey cold weather!

  10. I love the concept of babywearing...do you guys have any advice on baby wearing when there are TWINS? I have 2 1/2 year old twins that want to be held ALL the time and they are REALLY heavy! I love the desire to hold...just conceptually, I'm not sure how.

    BTW, found you through another blogger, when I was looking for some REAL people who were struggling with real life and looking to do it through Christ.

  11. Yay! I'm in that babywearing article in Mothering. I haven't even had a chance to blog about it yet! Thanks for the reminder!

  12. Babywearing with twins... you might find this info helpful at TheBabyWearer.com and also I bet Mothering.com has a forum for moms of twins!

    SoBeBabies... I THOUGHT I recognized you in that article!! Everyone, check her out!

  13. I love a night out with best friend! We have been going yard saling twice a year for 9 years. The first day of sale we have kids, the second day is sacred! No kiddos except little nurslings.

  14. As soon as I got my issue of Mothering I thought "OMG Stephanie is going to flip out!"


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