January 15, 2007

Warning: With Sounds Of Silence, Side Effects May Occur

I love any and all moments of silence in this house of three boys.


  • multi-colored (uncooked) veggie pasta down the basement stairs
  • maple syrup on the kitchen floor and hands/face/pants
  • removing games and/or shutting off daddy's Xbox repeatedly
  • mommy's makeup in the garbage
  • mommy's knicknacks in the garbage
  • who-knows-what-else ended up in the garbage, guess we'll see what turns up missing later this week

Ah, the list could go on... thankfully this all did not happen in one day. Just one weekend.

We want that little toddler to be quiet and entertain himself, but then reality hits you and you wonder just what is keeping him so quietly occupied all this time?


  1. E loves to throw things away right now too... Last night he handed me my book (Oh, thank you, Elijah!), then took my bookmark, and threw it in the trash.

    We were laughing too hard to get mad at him.

  2. LOL what is it with the garbage? I couldn't find my phone the other day...kept asking my son if he'd seen it...and of course..he hadn't. Then I heard it ringing...but it was very faint. Finally found it....in the garbage! NICE! Glad someone decided to call me before the trash was taken out!

  3. How funny!!! The Beast steals my make-up all the time too!

  4. Peanut Butter and Jelly BoatsJanuary 15, 2007 8:25 PM

    Ah, in a house full of boys quietness can sometimes be a scary thing! Luke used to get into the toilet!

  5. This reminds me of me being on the computer tonight and it was quiet and I started to wonder where our puppy was. She was right behind me quiet as a mouse tearing up a whole roll of toilet paper. (Not that I am comparing kids to a dog!) :)

    I agree that silence IS nice, but sometimes it just means trouble.

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  7. Darn, I can't get the link to work! Let's try this:


  8. The most recent moment of silence from my 3.5 year old? I'd covered a blank scrapbook for him to use when he does speech therapy from tomorrow. Shuffling slowly throught the local shops I'd purchased funky yellow wrapping paper with caras and trucks and covered the book and labelled all ready for tomorrow's appointment.
    Showed it too him, then went and stood in kitchen for like 30 seconds to tell a friend where to find coffee making supplies. Came back to find the paper ripped in several pieces right off the book. He thought it was a present!

  9. I lovethe silence... for about two seconds. Then it becomes the eery " She has to be up to something NOT good because she's so quite" silence. And she always is. But its usually her putting ON my make-up... totally not putting it in the trash.

  10. In the garbage, you say? One of my children was a big fan of throwing things in the toilet.
    Toddlers! They're fun.

  11. I can definitely relate to this. I just posted yesterday about my youngest throwing things down our vents.

  12. I'm right there with ya girl! Zach is always into something. I can't turn my back for 2 secs. And I had to hide the trash can in a closet, b/c he threw away my shoes, the remote, a new sippy cup, and some Leap Frog Refrigerator ABC's!! I found some of these items and I'm assuming that's what happened to the rest of the missing items. Ughh..it's just a short phase though. (hopefully! :-))

  13. Yes....I totally agree.....when they are too quiet something is wrong...Miller has found the wipes in the wipe warmer and loves to empty it 10 times a day...enjoy now though they will grow up too fast.

  14. Ha- you are all reminding me of more things. Let's add "stuffing lots of Playmobile pieces down the vents."

    Every time the heat kicks on I hear a new rattle in the vent... oh joy.

  15. And you are reminding me that Carter isn't far behind Gray. 8 months!! Hunter was a fan of the garbage, but other wise they didn't really get into anything. Does this mean I'm really in for it with Carter?!?!

  16. All I can say is "OH MY!!!"

    The syrup scared me. Did you keep your cool????

  17. Oh my I am laughing so hard-just found your blog throughj the blog awards page.

    My almost 2 year old has slowly thrown away the main part to and half the letters for the leap frog abc fridge toy - a $20 gift card meant for a xmas gift and who knows what else.

    The other day he emtied a bag of hairpins all over the hall and then down the stairs-while I was cleaning that up he decided to dump a 5 pound bag of rice on the kitchen floor.

    Thanks for the laugh.


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