January 1, 2007

A New Year

I see this new year as a blank page full of promises and possibilities.

Rather than state resolutions, I have goals similar to my prayer every night as I end my day- May I be a better wife tomorrow, a more patient mom, a more organized homemaker, effective servant of the Lord, as tomorrow is a new day.

I love a new start.

I hope for superficial things like provision to go on our vacation to Colorado this June. And for a new car. To read more books. And to become a better knitter.

I hope to grow closer to my friends, and be a better friend to them.

I hope for my family to live a "greener" life.

I hope to get rid of extra "stuff."

Whether it be emotional or physical baggage.

And appreciate more of what is truly important.

I hope I continue to keep my eyes open for what is truly important, and never let "moments" pass by unnoticed.

I hope to not set limits or expectations, or make judgements and assumptions, and only hope to focus on what is good and true.

I hope to always know my purpose, and to put it to good use.

I hope to always look forward and not back, up and not down...

Yes, in this New Year, many treasures await...


  1. Great goals, Stephanie! I like your nightly prayer. I want all of those things, too, on a daily basis.

  2. It's necessary to set goals, it's what keeps us moving forward. I still have to sit down and do them myself...

    "Aim at nothing - hit nothing."

    Happy New Year to your entire household!

  3. Great goals! Happy New Year!

  4. This was a great post! Happey New Year!

  5. Very well written. Those are all great goals. Good Luck with them. Happy New Year.

  6. I liked the forward not back and up not down...we tend to forget this one....and regrets.....dont forget this one too. Mne are to read my bible more,,,, this I have forgotten to do in the last couple of months.
    Happy New Year friend,

  7. That is a great list of goals. I love your nightly prayer.

    Happy New Year!

  8. You sound a lot like me!! Every night I run down the list of things that need tweeking.....GOD'S MERCIES ARE NEW EVERY DAY!!! :)

    Thanks for being my friend and encouraging me when I needed it. :)

  9. You are such the poet... even a list such as this is beautiful! Best wishes that you fulfill each and every one!

  10. These are great goals! Ok- I promise I did not see that your post was called "A New Year" before I titled my post the same thing!

  11. Fabulous, and the exact same mental list of goals I have as well!


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