January 6, 2007


Who knew all the introspection
yesterday's post would inspire?! Flipping through the channels yesterday, this quote seemed quite fitting...

"More isn't always better, Linus; sometimes its just more."

--Sabrina Fairchild to Linus Larrabee, Sabrina.


  1. I like your last blog a lot and this quote is priceless! I have been battling the materialism sickness for sometime and I am finally making headway. I just think we are so much a throw away society that we forget how much we actually have to make our lives comfortable. I have been blogging about this same sort of thing lately, about how I should be more self-sufficient and less demanding on the planet.

    Cheers to you for an excellent post!

  2. When something is true, you can see it everywhere!

  3. Great quote.
    When we moved in Sept. we really cut down on our amount of "stuff". I was amazed at things we had saved, yet hadn't used in over TWO years! It felt so good to really get rid of things. Now we're about to do the same again, as we're making room for our new baby.
    It's a lifestyle I am much happier with.

  4. Love the quote (and the movie:) I've been in the process of de-cluttering both our apartment and our life. I am also a freecycler, but have kind-of gotten out of the habit. I need to do it more. There are only 2 of us, and although we don't have alot compared to some, I still am dumbfounded by the amount of "stuff" we accumulate. I've made it a goal (and trying to make it a habit) of going through at least one area of our house once a week and getting rid of...the big issue is how to downsize my 3yr old's toys without her knowledge :) Living simpler feels simpler to me. It makes my mind less crowded.

  5. One of my favorite movies. Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond make each other sparkle.

    Just came across your blog - your sons are beautiful. Thanks for spreading the word about breastfeeding! It's hard to have too much support.


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