January 9, 2007

Doing My Part

Well, I'd say we're off to a good start.

I've signed up for a knitting class that starts next week- I will be knitting Gray a hooded sweater! It's the cutest little thing!

We've started bringing our own bags for groceries and regular shopping. We did very well with this at the mall (Christmas returns and exhanges) over the weekend, too!

"Stuff" is being freecycled at a rapid pace out of this house. Less "stuff" is being brought in. I am re-using what we already have, and am getting a floor lamp I wanted from freecycle this week, too!

At the library today we picked three children's books about Earth Day and recycling. We're also starting The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe as our bedtime book tonight.

And as I continue to breastfeed Gray, I am doing my part in saving our planet- clearly explained here!


  1. Good for you!! I have heard about the freecycle thing, but have never checked it out in my area. I may just have to do that! =)

  2. My one and last purchase of NEW items is going to be these netted grocery sacks...after I order those I'll be done and then I'll have bags to take to the grocery store. Once we move I will going through our stuff as I unpack it and seriously start getting rid of stuff.

  3. You are doing so good! When we get our lives a little more closely resembling normal(hopefully the very second we move to Florida) I will be going back to (and adding some) our more *green* lifestyle.

  4. That sounds great! It feels so good to do things like that. The grocery store that we shop at sells bins that fit right onto the shopping cart for packing your groceries. We love them. And they have the cutest name "Bin Shoppin'". :)

  5. Bravo, bravo!

    Not sure if you have Giant supermarkets where you live but they have a neat program for reusable bags. You purchase a reusable bag (with the Giant logo of course, lol) for $1 and then everytime you bring it and use it they take $.03 off your order. So if you use 5 bags you save $.15. I know it isn't a lot of money, but it is the point of the matter!

    WTG with the extended nursing. We are at 18 months and going strong despite the lack of support from most family and friends. It would be so nice if more people were truly educated about breastfeeding and its benefits!

    P.S.- You should look into suburban homesteading. It sounds right up your alley. :-)

  6. I am addicted to the freecycle website now. I haven't given OR gotten anything yet, but am for SURE going to do it!

  7. Yay for you! I have a ton of stuff to freecycle! And amen about taking back grocery bags - my trunk in always full. I never thought about it at the mall though! They've finally stopped looking at me like I have two heads at the grocery store. And to nursing of course! Did you take the pledge? (See my blog post)

  8. Thanks so much for the post!! I have a floor lamp I sooo need to get rid of! Freecycle here I come.

    And bravo on the breastfeeding!! Been going over 5 years now for me...I swear if I keep having kids I'll nurse through my 30's. :)

  9. Now that's the way to start off a new year! What I really love is that you have found ways to balance others' needs (and the world's for that matter) without forgetting about the importance of taking care of you every once in a while. Have fun at your knitting class!!! :)

  10. So cool! Happy belated birthday too...computer issues yesterday argh!


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