January 31, 2007

So Just What IS The Deal?

I've sworn off Walmart... is the mall next?

Oh, a trip to the mall... that will cure blogger's block. Everywhere I turned I thought to myself, I am SO blogging this.

I find it completely inappropriate to see THIS hanging from the ceiling as we enter the Family Lounge. In the Food Court. And then around every corner throughout the rest of the mall. Who wants to see that?! Gouge. Out. Eyes.

And please tell me
who would feel comfortable having their facial hair removed- right there, smack dab in the center of the mall at one of those kiosk things where they do threading and who knows what else as people walk by eating their hot pretzel? Seriously, every time I've walked by, there is someone getting it done! What is the deal with this?

Thankfully, I returned a few items with no problems and the boys were quite well behaved considering I had to shield their eyes from those vomitous movie banners every 20 feet.

But still, with three well behaved boys I get the looks and comments that I must be crazy to go to the mall with three kids. What am I thinking bringing these quiet and respectful children with me somewhere!?

Instead I just think I must be crazy to go to the mall,

January 30, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: Sleepyhead

January 29, 2007

Kid Was Here

Last night there was a slotted spoon between the couch cushions, and a baseball among the snacks in the kitchen cupboard. I am pretty sure you could find enough wooden tracks underneath the couches to build a Figure 8 set for Thomas and his cheeky Friends.

Hubby says to me as he looks in the trash, "Why is there a cowboy hat in the garbage can?"

Found more makeup in there along with it. And Gray's pants.

Before I became a mother, I remember very clearly attending a party at someone's house, and this someone had kids. The kind of kids that I swore I'd never have. And they kept their home how I swore I'd never keep it- there were toys in plain view in the living room! The carpet wasn't vacuumed. There was crayon on the wall!

Those judgements I made back then haunt me everytime I walk past a crayon-marked hall in my house today. I had to laugh as I picked up random odds & ends before going to bed, straightening up and finding imprints of where the kids had been that day. I am not reminded of their inability to keep any room of our house toy-free. I am not reminded that they did not put away/pick up/throw out that thing I told them to earlier.

I am reminded that they live here. And I love it. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

So It's Monday. Amuse Me.

Does She or Doesn't She? Only Her Stephanie Knows for Sure!

I've done that in the past and it makes me laugh every time.

Oh, and I'm Crusty Gizzardface...who are you?

It's Monday. Amuse me.

January 26, 2007

Eat At Mom's

The other day while I was nursing Gray, I giggled to myself when I thought I should have a shirt that says Breastaurant across the chest. Tee hee.

Can anyone relate?

And just when I thought maybe I should copyright that idea, I googled it and found this cool site. What a great idea!

What's In A Name

While Jeff and I were engaged, we talked about having kids, how many we wanted, and names we liked. The first boy name each of us had in mind, but hadn't told each other, was Noah. And we just knew our first child would be a boy (we didn't want to find out via ultrasound), and we named him Noah. His name means peace and comfort. It fits him perfectly.

Noah was 8 months old when we found out we were pregnant with Carter. We did find out by the ultrasound that we were having a boy, and I think we came up with his name pretty quickly. My best friend Jen had a friend named Carter and he's our age and I just thought it was a cool name. I told her to ask him if he liked his name (I wasn't sure if it was one of those names that is cutesy for a baby, but not so fun as an adult.) He said he loved his name, and hubby and I really loved it, too.

Carter means "transporter" and "maker of carts" and he does love cars and anything on wheels actually... if that means anything? I think I read somewhere once that it also means "introspective," which is very fitting, too. Anyone that meets Carter will agree that he is such a Carter!

Gray's name was much more difficult for us. We again found out we would be having another boy and hubby and I just couldn't agree on a name. I got one of those 50,001 Baby Names books and would write down a new set of names each night. Hubby dreaded it. He hated every name I came up with. I am serious when I say I really liked the name Tazo (it means third son!) and hubby thought I had just about lost it. We could call him Tay or Tayz...


A couple weeks before my due date, I was emailing my Aunt Diane in Louisiana to help us come up with some names. My family down there had to evacuate from Hurricane Rita at the time. They were getting cabin fever and needed something to do. They sent me a huge list of names including middle names!

The very last name on the list was Grayson. I just liked it immediately. I then had a feeling that Jeff would hate it, so I almost didn't even mention it. (He was getting pretty annoyed by this time at all the names I was coming up with.) I remember him at the top of the stairs as I came up and suggested the name. He gave a cute look and said, "And we could we call him Gray?" I said I liked that. He did, too. Then we agreed not to tell anyone until he was born, and we wanted to meet him first before we officially decided his name. We didn't want to hear anyone else's opinion about it either!

Less than a week later, our little Gray was born. I was so glad we had a name for him! Grayson literally means "son of a gray haired man." But, my mother-in-law interpreted the meaning as "the Lord's son" ... saying who is The gray haired one? The Ancient of Days. I like that meaning!

He's such a Gray... and we didn't even end up getting his name out of that book of 50,001 baby names! But, I love the special way we came up with all of our boys' names.

Tazo's obviously out if we ever had another boy. Hmmm... wonder what names mean 4th son? (Just kidding, hubby! Well, kinda...)

January 25, 2007


So, I caught Oprah the other day about the battle between working moms and stay at home moms...

First of all, why does it have to be us against them? Ah, can't all moms just band together?

If you are a stay at home mom, did you always plan to? Do you enjoy it? Do you plan to go back to work someday? If you are a working outside of the home mom, did you always plan to do so? Do you enjoy it?

I have never worked full-time outside the home while being a mother, so I have no idea what it would be like. We always planned that when we had babies I would stay at home with them- both hubby and I desired that.

I personally love staying at home and get shaky and light headed if I think about if I ever had to go back to work and not be with my kids... but that's just me! I know some moms are pulling their hair and practically clawing their eyes out by the time hubby gets home somedays. Don't think I don't have those days either...

I have a friend that tried the staying at home thing and it did not work for her. She just wasn't "cut out" for it. She's a great working mom and devoted and involved in every area of her kids' lives. She does more with them than I do, I think sometimes! They are really great kids, too.

And another topic of opinion I was thinking about the other day, kinda goes along with Ashlee's recent post about parenting and mothering instincts... I just want to emphasize the importance of sticking with your inner instincts when seeking opinions, whether they are minor or medical or so forth.

Personally I feel like God speaks to me through my mothering instincts. My own examples have proven me right on so far- like last year when Gray was having "chronic sinus infections" or "allergies" according to the doctor, but deep inside I kept thinking it could be something in my diet that he was getting in my breastmilk. I just
knew it had to be milk. I don't know why, but I just knew.

The doctor wanted to put him on an allergy medication. I asked if it could be a food allergy and he said I could just give him the medication and see if it cleared up. In my mind I thought it made more sense to get to the root of the problem and eliminate it. So, I left the doctor without the prescription (no thank you!) and made an appointment for allergy testing on my own.

Did you know that it is OK to disagree with your doctor, or NOT fill a prescription, or get a second opinion, or NOT take their advice? Have you ever been afraid of "offending" your doctor? I would much rather risk offending a doctor if it was in the best interest of me or my child... I'm just sayin'...

Back to the allergy test- sure enough- Gray is very allergic to milk, and also eggs and peanuts! I just wish I would have paid attention to my instincts immediately and stopped my intake of milk earlier on!

I have clearly never been to medical school, but in this instance I am SO glad I went with my instincts and not with the professional's opinion. I cringe every time I hear people say "I just trust my doctor!" as if that's the final word. As much as you'd like and hope to believe it, they are not always right and don't always know best. We learned the hard way early on with Noah, too.

It's ok to trust your doctor. That's important to be able to have that trust. But it's also very important to trust your instincts, too. I still seek the opinion of an allopathic pediatrician and also a naturopathic doctor. I usually will talk to both before making a decision regarding the kids' and my health. Ultimately, we bring everything to the Lord in prayer before making any decision! There are several decisions we are currently waiting to make- we haven't gotten our answer yet!

Oh, and another great thing about opinions... I am always changing my mind & opinions about everything. That's one great thing about knowledge and continuing to learn. I really try to not be close-minded and try to see both sides. Walk in the other person's shoes type of thing. So, my opinion is ever changing as I grow.

At the bottom of my birth plan- a long list of wishes and desires for my labor & birth of Gray- I had highlighted: I also reserve the right to change my mind about any of these things if needed!

January 23, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: New 'Legs

I promised pictures... get your BabyLegs here!

It's A Jungle In Here

I have a large world map above my desk that truly fascinates me.

I am not really that great with geograpy (seriously- when I first put this up I thought they had left Hawaii off.) Did you realize how far away from the continent Hawaii is!?

The idea of visiting other countries seems so exciting. I find myself praying over the map every time I look up at it, Show us Lord where you want us to go.

I taped the following quote to the bottom of the map:

God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called.

Sometimes I expect to look up at the map and have a clear answer- maybe a bright light will shine on "the country" we are called to go do whatever God wants us to do. I also know very well that maybe He doesn't need us to go very far at all.

Whether I travel to New Zealand (hopefully someday) or to the grocery store (almost everyday!), I know I am one of the called. He may not need me to even step outside my house, as I could be called for the sole purpose of raising these three Godly men.

I pray I am always sensitive to God's call for my life, and never view my ministry as wife, mom, and friend as less than. I pray the same for you today. It's a jungle in here... I can't imagine sometimes what it's like out there!

January 22, 2007

Take A Trip

Today I'd like you to stop by Peanut Butter & Jelly Boats and read Sheryl's latest post regarding homeschooling. I don't homeschool our children, but have really been feeling the calling for it more & more everyday. This post pretty much explains exactly what I've been thinking and feeling...

I'll be taking a trip to the grocery store today, as usual, and I wanted to tell you about Tasty Vegan, a new blog Ashlee started with great vegan recipes. Might give you an idea of just what a vegan eats!! This week I'll be making the Glazed Seitan Stir-Fry and Chick-Un Noodle Soup... yum!

January 21, 2007


Yesterday's Schedule Of Events
  • Sleep in
  • Manicure at 11 am
  • 5 pm start getting ready for Gala
  • 6:30 drop kids off at Grandma's
  • 7 pm Formal Benefit Gala (dinner, auction, & dancing!)

Actual Events That Took Place

  • Wake up early- Gray has a very high fever
  • Vomiting ensues
  • 9 am Cancel manicure
  • Snuggle and nurse in bed all day watching movies and sleeping
  • 4 pm call Grandma to tell her we won't need her
  • Cancel Gala plans

But am I disappointed? Maybe a smidge. I had a fancy dress to wear. But I'll wear it for another time. As for the manicure- I don't have any nails as it is... I was wondering what the heck they'd be able to do with them anyway!

And having to stay snuggled in bed all day... (hubby took older boys out for a few hours so we had lots of peace & quiet) it was quite a treat.

I'd say it was a pretty good day.

January 20, 2007

More About Me Me Meme

I was tagged by Shelly...

What’s your name and website URL?

My name is Stephanie and if you are reading this, then you have arrived at Adventures In Babywearing!

1) What’s the most fun work you’ve ever done, and why?

I think one of the most fun places I worked was as at The Art Institute of Chicago's museum gift shop. Yeah, it was in the gift shop but it was also in the museum, which was awesome. I was there during the big Monet exhibit in 1995. I worked with some of the most interesting people ever- including Bob Harris (Ed Harris' dad.)

2) Name one thing you did in the past that you no longer do but wish you did? (one sentence max)

Act on stage.

3) Name one thing you’ve always wanted to do but keep putting it off? (one sentence max).

Learn to sew.

4) What two things would you most like to learn or be better at, and why? (two sentences max).

I would like to be a better knitter because I enjoy knitting so much but can't do the really cool projects. I would like to be better at inviting new people to church.

5) If you could take a class/workshop/apprentice from anyone in the world living or dead, who would it be and what would you hope to learn? (two more sentences, max).

Ah, way back when I would have said an acting workshop from Meryl Streep. Now, oh maybe I'd love to sit and chat with Ruth Bell Graham & Erma Bombeck about motherhood.

6) What three words might your best friends or family use to describe you?

Positive, Happy, Dependable

7) Now list two more words you wish described you…

I wish I were super-organized and athletically fit.

8) What are your top three passions? (can be current or past, work, hobbies, or causes– three sentences max)

Promoting the Ketogenic Diet to treat seizures before/in place of medications, encouraging others to be informed about vaccinations, living a greener life (inside & out)

9) Write–and answer–one more question that YOU would ask someone (with answer in three sentences max)

If you were not a wife, mom, whatever you are now, what & where would you be?

I think I would have wanted to be in New York or L.A. doing some sort of acting/theatre but in reality would be working retail in Chicago acting in small parts there... I think I got the better deal right here.

I tag Lori, Sandra, & Jenn... play along, too, if you'd like!

January 19, 2007

Tune In Today!!!

On Dr. Phil today Dr. Sears and his sons are on and I am just LOVING how awesome they are!

So far they've given their medical opinion that you should breastfeed after 1 year, bring your baby to bed with you (and they noted that recent studies show SIDS is reduced when baby is brought into the same room as mom & dad), and also to follow your motherly instinct and respond to your baby's cries!

Co-sleeping is a tender issue with some folks and Dr. Sears does recommend that you do whatever gets everyone the best night's sleep, including baby. For us, that's co-sleeping and I love it.

I think it airs around 3-5 PM most places and then re-airs again this evening after midnight. Tune in!!

A Prize

Last weekend I watched
The Prize Winner Of Defiance, Ohio and was truly touched by this movie! It's the true story of how a mother raised ten kids on twenty-five words or less... winning contests and prizes to make ends meet...you'll just have to see it.

I can't imagine any housewife and stay-at-home mom coming away from that movie uninspired and unmoved. There were a couple words toward the beginning that I wished they would have left out, but the rest of the movie is clean as can be- still meant for a mature audience as some parts can be intense. I have just been thinking about it still all this week!

Now I am off to make the most out of this truly remarkable day ahead!

January 16, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: A Stripey Bundle

Works For Me Wednesday: Party Time

I have this idea for New Year's Eve. I know- thinking a bit ahead, but it involves parties throughout the year.

This year, as we have birthday parties and holidays, I am saving all leftover plates, napkins, party hats, etc. and we will use them for our New Year's Eve party at the end of the year.

And how fun to reminisce about each party and look back over our year.
(For example, the kids' Star Wars birthday party hats, Mom's "Over The Hill" 50th birthday bash memorabilia, 4th of July patriotic partyware, Thanksgiving turkey napkins.)

A great way to re-use, too.

Everything will be mis-matched but I think that will make it even more fun. Who doesn't like to take a walk down memory lane?

For more great Works For Me Wednesday tips, visit Rocks In My Dryer today.

Photo courtesy of hulagirl.

January 15, 2007

Warning: With Sounds Of Silence, Side Effects May Occur

I love any and all moments of silence in this house of three boys.


  • multi-colored (uncooked) veggie pasta down the basement stairs
  • maple syrup on the kitchen floor and hands/face/pants
  • removing games and/or shutting off daddy's Xbox repeatedly
  • mommy's makeup in the garbage
  • mommy's knicknacks in the garbage
  • who-knows-what-else ended up in the garbage, guess we'll see what turns up missing later this week

Ah, the list could go on... thankfully this all did not happen in one day. Just one weekend.

We want that little toddler to be quiet and entertain himself, but then reality hits you and you wonder just what is keeping him so quietly occupied all this time?

January 14, 2007

Help! I Am Somewhere Under All These Dishes!

The play kitchen, and how it looked as the boys said, "Look our dishes are just like Mommy's."

Which, folks, is very true.

The house was so nice and clean and organized on Friday afternoon. Why just two days later does it look like a couple tornadoes came through?

If I make my way out from under all the dishes and crumbs on the floor, and you still haven't heard from me, I just might have finally made my escape. I'll send you a postcard...

January 13, 2007

Doll Parts

Gray won't keep his pants on. He runs on the small side, and at age 15 months, size 12 month pants fall off of him!

A very common saying in this house from Noah & Carter: "Mom, Gray took his pants off again."

He scraped his leg the other day running around without any pants on. I thought, I need to get him some of those BabyLegs. I really thought, I need to knit him some of those BabyLegs, but I don't know how yet... maybe if I had some I could teach myself.

I checked eBay first to see if I could find any used ones, and *shudder* didn't expect to find these! Ick.

So, I've just ordered him some from Urban Baby Runway. Pictures to follow for sure...

January 12, 2007

What Is She Smiling About?

Well, why shouldn't I be smiling? How sweet it is, I'm feeling the love from all the comments you've left. I loved hearing how you've found my blog! If you've still not de-lurked, please do!

Want to see what I did last night? Check out Ashlee's post about it here. Still smiling from that, too.

Oh, have you seen the latest Mothering magazine? "How To Wear Your Baby" is featured. A dad is pictured on the cover wearing his child... it's great! Real Men Wear Babies, you know! The new issue is full of ways to wear your baby, a story about it, and there are ads throughout with beautiful slings... Run to your nearest bookstore and grab a copy if you don't already have one!

And my friend Christie emailed a video showing a woman turning a bed sheet into a baby carrier. It's in Spanish, but very neat to watch! Check it out!

What are you smiling about?

January 11, 2007

De-lurkey Turkey!

In celebration of National Delurking Week,
I ask you to please leave a comment if you are a lurker here and I promise to visit each
and every one of your blogs-
just let me know
where I can find you!

January 10, 2007

Drink Up!

The Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog has tagged me with a challenge to post about my water drinking container.

As I am now limiting my use of bottled water
(see a good post about it here from Flip Flop Mamma) I drink out of a glass most of the time- always with ice!- and I love this glass in particular!

I am a thirsty girl. I often keep water by the bed because I will wake so incredibly thirsty. And there is nothing like quenching that thirst, especially when it is water you are drinking. I am known for my morning glass of iced chai tea with rice milk, and I drink it out of this same glass... it's my favorite!

And all this talk about quenching thirst, I just have to throw in a verse that I will totally take in for today-

Isaiah 44:3 For I will pour out water to quench your thirst and to irrigate your parched fields. And I will pour out my Spirit upon your descendants, and my blessing on your children.

I challenge nursing moms Sheryl at Peanut Butter & Jelly Boats, Robin at Life With All Boys, and Staci at Just Add Coffee to post about their water containers... and if you want to join in, too, please do!

Wordless Wednesday: Grand

I just love this picture of my Dad & Gray!

Works For Me Wednesday: Something New & Healthy In 30 Minutes Or Less

Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer is hosting a "healthy meals" Works For Me Wednesday this week...

Quinoa Medley with Beans & Corn

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) has come to be highly appreciated for its nutritional value, and the United Nations has classified it as a supercrop for its very high protein content. It is also wheat- and gluten-free!

I made this recipe last night (available in the current
Vegetarian Times.) Hubby can't wait to have leftovers for lunch today. Gray, our 15-month old, couldn't get enough of it either! You can find quinoa in the natural foods section of the grocery store. It cooks just like rice!

1 1/4 cups quinoa

1 15 oz. can black beans, drained & rinsed
1 cup frozen corn

1/2 cup fresh chunky salsa, divided (store-bought fresh salsa can be found in the produce aisle)- I also used more than 1/2 cup with this recipe! I'd say add as much as you like!

1 tsp. chili powder

1/4 cup chopped cilantro

2 Tbs. olive oil

lime wedges, for garnish

1. Bring 2 cups water to a boil in saucepan. Stir in quinoa, cover, and reduce heat to medium. Simmer 10 minutes.

2. Add beans, corn, 1/4 cup salsa, and chili powder; season with salt & pepper. Return to a boil. Cover & cook 2-5 minutes or until quinoa is tender.

3. Stir in cilantro, oil, and remaining salsa. Serve with lime wedges.

I like to add extra hot sauce to mine, and lots of lime juice. It's dee-lish!

Serves 4. Per serving: 386 calories, 13G protein, 10G total fat

You can also get a cheap subscription to Vegetarian Times for only $4.69 per year thanks to Best Deal Magazines! Their recipes are the absolute BEST!

January 9, 2007

Doing My Part

Well, I'd say we're off to a good start.

I've signed up for a knitting class that starts next week- I will be knitting Gray a hooded sweater! It's the cutest little thing!

We've started bringing our own bags for groceries and regular shopping. We did very well with this at the mall (Christmas returns and exhanges) over the weekend, too!

"Stuff" is being freecycled at a rapid pace out of this house. Less "stuff" is being brought in. I am re-using what we already have, and am getting a floor lamp I wanted from freecycle this week, too!

At the library today we picked three children's books about Earth Day and recycling. We're also starting The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe as our bedtime book tonight.

And as I continue to breastfeed Gray, I am doing my part in saving our planet- clearly explained here!

January 8, 2007

Scenes From A Happy Birthday

Turning 30 was one of the happiest times of my life! This was one of the best birthdays ever!

January 7, 2007

My Birthday Suit

Yeah, it's my birthday!

And in Erma Bombeck's words:

I always had a dream that when I am asked to give an accounting of my life to a higher court, it will go like this:

"So empty out your pockets. What have you got left of your life? Any dreams that were unfulfilled? Any unused talent that we gave you when you were born that you still have left? Any unsaid compliments or bits of love that you haven't spread around?"

And I will answer, "I've nothing to return. I spent everything You gave me. I'm as naked as the day I was born!"

And here's a picture of me with my Mom & Dad celebrating my 30th birthday!

January 6, 2007


Who knew all the introspection
yesterday's post would inspire?! Flipping through the channels yesterday, this quote seemed quite fitting...

"More isn't always better, Linus; sometimes its just more."

--Sabrina Fairchild to Linus Larrabee, Sabrina.

January 5, 2007

Could You Go Without?

I first learned about
Compact Living when I stumbled upon this amazing and inspiring blog, Walk Slowly, Live Wildly a while back. She talks about her experience making the Compact Pledge here.

As I am working on simplifying our household, I have been cleaning out the basement, closets, etc. I was wanting a table lamp for our living room so I could read or knit comfortably on the couch without the harsh overhead lighting. I thought about maybe even buying one if I get some birthday money. Forgotten, in our basement was a perfectly good and lovely lamp, but the lamp shade wasn't the right fit and made the bulb too bright. Then I remembered I had purchased a lamp shade to go with this a while back (maybe two or three years ago?), but had never gotten around to using it. Still in the Target bag and with tags and cellophane on it and everything was the new and just-what-I-wanted lampshade!

Hubby came home and noticed the "new" lamp. I told him it was from the basement. He said "Oh, you freecycled to yourself!"

This made me realize how careless I've gotten with "things." I also found an old receipt from when hubby's car had to be towed for repairs. I had never sent it in to the insurance company to be reimbursed. We still had time, so I sent it off today- $60 that we can totally use was almost left forgotten on top of the fridge!

I came across this article the other day... just reading it should at least get you to thinking...

From here on out I am going to really try to keep in mind:
Do I need this item and if so, can I get it used somewhere instead?

Simply an awesome idea. Would you be able to do it?

Prayer For The Middle Aged Woman

I have just been in the mood to pull inspiration from the archives lately, and thought this was appropriate since I am approaching thirty years old this Monday.

And also a good reminder as we wise women start a new year...

Dear Lord,

Thou knowest better than I myself that I am growing older and will someday be old. Keep me from the fatal habit of thinking I must say something on every subject and on every occasion. Release me from craving to straighten out everybody's affairs. Make me thoughtful but not moody, helpful but not bossy. With my vast store of wisdom it seems a pity not to use it all, but Thou knowest, Lord, that I must have a few friends at the end.

-Ruth Bell Graham

January 3, 2007

Feeling Much Better, Thank You!

Thank you for your concerns and well wishes...
Even the laundry missed me, and so did the dishes!

I seriously think it was food poisoning, as my body as a whole felt fine and I know what the flu feels like. Who knows? Well, I reported it to the restaurant, just in case. It was one of those things where I should have gone with my gut feeling- literally. As I was eating the accused food, it just didn't taste right- and I actually thought to myself "I hope this doesn't make me sick!"

Anyway, all better now.

Came across this oldie but goodie- thought it would be fitting for today as I try to get back into the swing of things here at home...

"When my kids become wild and unruly,
I use a nice, safe playpen.
When they're finished, I climb out."
-- Erma Bombeck

January 2, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: Pajamas In Action!

Well That's One Way To Start The New Year Skinnier

I think I had food poisoning.

I am hoping the worst part is over.

Must. Get. Rest.

January 1, 2007

A New Year

I see this new year as a blank page full of promises and possibilities.

Rather than state resolutions, I have goals similar to my prayer every night as I end my day- May I be a better wife tomorrow, a more patient mom, a more organized homemaker, effective servant of the Lord, as tomorrow is a new day.

I love a new start.

I hope for superficial things like provision to go on our vacation to Colorado this June. And for a new car. To read more books. And to become a better knitter.

I hope to grow closer to my friends, and be a better friend to them.

I hope for my family to live a "greener" life.

I hope to get rid of extra "stuff."

Whether it be emotional or physical baggage.

And appreciate more of what is truly important.

I hope I continue to keep my eyes open for what is truly important, and never let "moments" pass by unnoticed.

I hope to not set limits or expectations, or make judgements and assumptions, and only hope to focus on what is good and true.

I hope to always know my purpose, and to put it to good use.

I hope to always look forward and not back, up and not down...

Yes, in this New Year, many treasures await...