December 25, 2006

Truly A Season Of Miracles

I heard harps play and angels sing "Hallelujah!" as I had my Christmas miracle... the longest
uninterrupted hot shower of the year as all three boys slept Christmas morning.

All kidding aside, that really was a miracle and something I've been believing for!

This is the first Christmas since Noah was 1 year old that he has been seizure-free and off his special diet. Hubby made his sales goal at work this month- which means bonus for our family!

And Christmas Eve, just before we left for the candlelight service at church, I felt I should check the front door in case someone left us a present. I have no idea why someone would, but I opened the door and a Priority Mail envelope fell at my feet. It was from Animal Planet's Funniest Animals... a t-shirt and a check for $100! Years ago- and I mean years ago, I sent in a tape of our dogs when they were just puppies in Christmas sweaters. They want to use it and will call us when it is going to air. That $100 is a Christmas miracle for our bank account for sure.

I already have a feeling that the New Year 2007 will bring many more miracles our way...


  1. Those are some wonderful miracles. And they really are...

  2. Lucky's Jesus taking care of you........

  3. That's so cool about the Animal Planet thing!! You'll have to somehow get it on youtube so that those of us who live under rocks and don't watch tv can see it!

    Those are some great miracles!

  4. And the blessings keep coming......

    Did you ever see the clip on Animal Planet????

  5. Ah, there's nothing like a long hot shower to make you feel like a woman again! Praise the Lord for Noah's healing! We are so thankful for that!

  6. Hey, Wonderful Miracles:) That is really neat. Glad you had a blessed holiday!

  7. Hey lady!

    I just copy/pasted your "Stirring The Pot" vaccine post to my blog, giving you credit, of course. I hope that is okay. That was too much great information not to share.

  8. I want to see that tape! Isn't God's timing wonderful! We could never plan better... and so glad, I can't imagine you without access to a dryer! :)

  9. God is Good
    Praying you will see Jesus at work every day of 2007


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