December 27, 2006

Random Adventures From This Week

Well, our Christmas blessing was a provision in advance... our dryer stopped drying and we needed it repaired. Christmas blessing: $100. Dryer repairs, parts, & service call: $101. Not bad!

Also that long shower that I had on Christmas Day was so good that it has been tiding me over for a few days now. Hopefully I'll get a shower tonight before church!! Um, I promise I'll have a shower tonight before church!

We decided Santa could come to our house this year. Hubby's family didn't do Santa and mine did. Our boys were just now talking about Santa this year, and we went along with the fun. But, the other night, after Christmas had come & gone, I hear Noah pulling a stool up to the counter:
Me: What are you doing?
Noah: I am putting cookies out for Santa so he knows to come back!

He had written him a note, too. I can't blame him! I mean, he probably thought this gig is cool! Leave cookies out each night to get new toys! We gotta be more clear about things next time...

Last night at Best Buy I was looking for a car adapter for my MP3 player. I found a young kid working there (you know the Best Buy-young-kid-type that thinks you don't know anything about anything) and asked where to find it. He showed me one for $40- an FM transmitter. I was looking for something much cheaper... so I asked if he had anything that just went into the cassette player.

He looks at me wide eyed: You have a cassette player in your car?!
Um, yeah.

Well it worked out great because he said honestly that's even better. He said the FM transmitters don't work very well. And my cassette player car adapter was $15. Woo. Hoo.


  1. I hate when all those "kids" think we know nothing.

    Yeah for your good deal!

  2. Cute, your Noah! Better explain the toothfairy well too or he'll be pulling extra teeth for more money :)

    Just bloghopping around today, and was enjoying your posts

  3. Your trip to Best Buy made me laugh. We have a cassette player in our car too.

  4. We have a cassette player too! Sounds like God provided wonderfully and the picture below is adorable!

  5. Hubby has a cassette player in his car too. I tease him all the time about it.

  6. God knew youd need that $$. He is good.


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