December 16, 2006

There's Nothing Like Burl Ives At Christmastime...

Oh what a lucky boy am I!

I've hung up my stocking, not too high
On the bedpost ever so close to me
And the foot hangs right over my mouth, you see.

And when it is dark and Mama comes
To pour in the candy and sugar plums
She will pour and pour but it's strange to say
That stocking will never get full some way...

And I'll tell you why, if you want to know...
There's a great big monstrous hole in the toe!

Burl Ives
Christmas Album


  1. What a cute song! I don't think I've heard it!

    (opening my iTunes now)

  2. Very cute! I know my little guys are super excited about candy canes!

  3. Heh! I love Burl Ives, but I've never heard that song - and I'd have to listen to it after the kids were in bed!

  4. That is so cute. My boys love looking in their stockings on Christmas morning!

  5. I love Burl Ives. Holly Jolly Christmas is on my blog. Cool!

  6. Burl Ives rocks!! SO classic. Thanks for sharing this. It's really cute.

  7. Burl Ives was the best story teller ever in my book - "Oh what a lucky boy am I" is my favorite.


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