December 4, 2006

My Home For The Holidays

All the presents are wrapped in quite a speed thanks to Harry For The Holidays... I'll have to remember to have that on next time I clean the house... there's still plenty more packages due to arrive thanks to,, so wrapping will commence again later this week.

I relax by the tree while Burl Ives plays... sometimes a pot filled with cinnamon, clove, and orange peels simmers on the stove... sugarplums are carried away by my sneaky little boys (no need to have visions dancing in their heads when Daddy bought a pound of the tasty temptation already!)

I set the thermostat at 72 and hubby sets it back to 67 then I sneak and switch it to 70 (maybe he won't notice?) then it's back to 67... Repeat this several times a day.

Some years I bake lots of pumpkin bread and maybe some carrot cookies, but this year I am just not in the
baking mood yet...probably better that way so I can possibly still fit into my jeans come January.

I keep my nativity up all year long...we don't really have any traditions yet here...the kids are still small... we'll have a present in their stockings for Christmas morning... and maybe Daddy will make some yummy pancakes.

I love winter... for a while... oh my it gets so cold here... But when the snow falls, and we bundle up, and it's so still outside, and we drive around to see the lights, and take in the Christmas carols, and everyone hugs a little more and comes a little closer, and it's a time of giving, and love, and knowing the real reason for the season...

It is the most wonderful time of the year.

What makes your house a home for the holidays? Click on over here to see how others celebrate, too.


  1. We play the thermostat game too!

  2. That gives me the warm fuzzies!:) I love Christmas. It's awesomet that you keep your nativity up all year long...that's never occured to me!

  3. You can tell Jeff that 67 is too cold! Your socks are the cutest! You're way ahead of me on the presents thing! Christmas is 4 weeks from today! Yikes!

  4. We've already baked tons of cookies, but we never get to save any - we bake 'em and we eat 'em. Eating Too Many Cookies: that's how we celebrate Christmas.
    Off to turn up my thermostat!

  5. Anyone remember Strawberry Shortcake's tights??? :) HA!

    I can smell your clove/orange mixture as I read!!!

  6. I enjoyed reading that :)
    Ha! Harry- he's still around, huh? :)

  7. Oooo sounds so cozy and warm... I can almost smell the cinamon on the stove. Love the toe socks too!

  8. I NEED THOSE TOE SOCKS!!! How very cute! Hey, I do the whole, cinn, orange peel (or apple)on the stove too! It's so much better than yucky air freshener. We keep our heat at 68 and it's perfect since this house we're in is sooooo small!!!LOL

  9. 72?!! :o) Last year I kept our heat on 55--our house is poorly insulated. This year I'm generous and we're keeping it at 61.

  10. I think everyone plays the thermostat game! I'm the one who gets too hot and my hubby is always freezing. We keep the house on 68 or so.

    I love having the tree up and lit at night, candles burning, fireplace going, and music on. And a glass of wine! Now that is cozy to me!


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