December 28, 2006

Because You're Just Dying To Know

I was tagged by Super-Mommy...

5 Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. I was a theatre & music major in college with the dream of a career in children's musical theatre someday.
  2. I met my husband and we were engaged within three months!
  3. We had our first house built and moved into it after our honeymoon. We still live here and plan to for a very long time! I love our little house! We do have a dream for when the boys are all grown and have families of their own... we hope to have a large enough house so that we can all be together during the holidays and everyone can have their own rooms to stay overnight!
  4. I can not eat dairy, eggs, or peanuts because I am still nursing Gray and he is allergic. (He will outgrow this.)
  5. I have always loved animals and had many pets growing up including many dachshunds, turtles, fish, gerbils, rats named Hendrix & Marley, a chinchilla named Presley, and two cats now in cat heaven - Morris & Shadow.
I'd like to read 5 things I didn't know about everyone
-especially Sheryl who has a birthday today!!
Be sure to stop by (she's also my blog of the week)
and wish her a happy birthday!


  1. I was hoping for a surprise....wasn't!! :) But I love reading your quirks anyway!! :)

  2. It sould be hard for me to go without dairy and peanut butter. You are an awesome mom for going without for your baby!!

  3. So Steph - when the children get older, do you still plan on pursuing your dream career of children's musicals?

    Just from reading your blog, I would bet that you would be highly successful in that as you are such a creative and good mother!

  4. Allie- I haven't really given it enough thought. Although I do think I might audition for local theatre myself once the kids are older!

  5. Wow! Thanks for all of that! I had no idea you were interested in doing children's theatre! See you on Friday!

  6. We have the same house dream.....

  7. I have a weenie dog...we have had him for 12 years. I couldnt go without dairy...I'd die. I'm still nursing too....he is 13 months old tomorrow....I'm so wanting to wean him...any suggestions?

  8. I was married after only 3 months of dating my hubby too!

  9. Jen- I am in no hurry to wean- so I don't have any tips for you... you might want to check out for helpful info!

  10. Great list... same story for me on the dairy thing... bah

  11. how fun to learn more about you. :)

    that is a lot of pets!

    so sweet about your house!

  12. I refrained from eating peanuts while nursing, but dairy would be tough for me to give up. I love me some cheese.

    I was also engaged to my husband about three months after we began dating. We were married after dating for six months. Everyone thought we were crazy and would be divorced within a year... but they were very, very wrong. Four years and two children later- we are still completely in love. When you meet your person, you just know.

    I like the name of your blog. This is my first visit. It caught my interest because I'm a baby wearer myself. I use the ergo baby carrier. It's new. Beforehand it was the Bjorn, various slings and often a palm, forarm and bicept.

  13. I don't think I could survive without dairy! I eat cheese like there running out of it! And we go through about 3 gallons of milk a week!! theBeast has grown out of her wheat-free thing. Thank the Lord! she can eat anything that we eat now! she still has running eyes, and nose alot, But I think it's more environmental allergies.

  14. How fun to learn about you... I'll do mine here since my blog is more Emma-focused:
    1. I was an English-Writing and Communications double major.
    2. I originally wanted to be a Trigonometry teacher! I ended up a magazine writer/editor.
    3. Jeff and I dated 4 years before we got married. (We were engaged after 2!)
    4. We live in a townhome, but plan to build a house next door to my in-laws. (A long story!)
    5. I couldn't eat anything dairy or soy when I nursed Emma because she was allergic. We're pretty sure she still is, but we're still hoping she'll outgrow it.

  15. Posted on my blog, good meme!:o)

  16. Hey, Caroline was allergic to milk, eggs, and peanuts! She outgrew all 3 by her 2nd birthday. :-)


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