December 30, 2006

Adventures In Babywearing, Year In Review

Seen at Mama C-ta, I thought I'd join in, too...
posting the first sentence from the first post of each month in 2006.
(Click on the month to view the entire post.)

Adventures In Babywearing, Year In Review

January- With family recently, Gray was so happy and smiley (as usual!) and everyone was commenting on how happy he is, how early he is smiling (earlier than my other boys did) and how he is just the best baby!

We recently returned from an amazing trip to San Diego, CA courtesy of the Make A Wish Foundation of Indiana.

March- Today marks Noah being on the keto diet for two years!!!

- Gray’s growing up fast!

What a great day to start over if you're in need of a new beginning... don't we all in at least one area of our lives?

Today was an errand day.

Apparently G.I. Joe & Buzz Lightyear were in Bethlehem that Day, too.

And in my washer, too.

I had heard they did this originally in one take.

Grayson was dedicated yesterday at church.

Larry La Prise, the man who wrote "The Hokey Pokey," died peacefully at age 93.

The tree has been up for over a week now, at the insistance of the kids.

And I wanted to add the first sentence of my last post of the year (aside from this one)...

Somehow we made it happen!


  1. RYC: YES! As son as I opened that shirt I said "Oh my gosh! I'm totally wearing this to Choices!!" So, yeah, you already know what I'm wearing. :)

  2. I love it! I'll be posting this tomorrow!

  3. Those are fun to read out of context! Happy New Year!!

  4. How fun! Your sentences are entertaining all on their own. I tried this on my blog and it made me look like the mayor of Boringtown.

    Happy New Year, Stephanie!


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