December 6, 2006

ABC and 1-2-3

Happi tagged me for the ABC Meme!

A - Available or Single? I am hoping this is a yes or no question and that I don't have to pick one of those options! I am very married & taken!

B - Best Friend? Ok, obvious answer is hubby and my mom. My best friend forever since I was little is Jenny K. and my newest best friend is Ashlee!

C - Cake or Pie? I looove pecan pie! Someone find me a vegan version - stat!

D - Drink of Choice? iced chai latte (with rice milk, please!)

E - Essential Item you use every day? concealer!

F - Favorite Color(s)? Green

G - Gummy Bears or Worms? I like sour sugary gummy worms!

H - Hometown? I think I'll just let people wonder about this one!

I - Indulgence? Probably the iced chai latte along with a Tropical Source Raspberry Dark Chocolate bar (heaven!), and sneaking out for a short bit to shop or any quiet moment I have to myself, especially if it involves an extended period of knitting!

J - January or February? January- a new year & my birth month!

K - Kids and Names? Yes- 3 boys- Noah, Carter, & Grayson

L - Life is Incomplete Without? The Big Man Upstairs (and in my heart), worldly speaking- my husband & my children

M - Marriage Date? October 9, 1999

N - Number of Siblings? One little brother- Nate

O - Oranges or Apples? Oranges

P - Phobias or Fears? Nothing I will type out loud and into existence here!

Q - Fave Quote? God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called.

R - Reason to Smile? Life is just good.

S - Season? Fall, especially Indian Summertime

T - Tag Three people... hmmm if they have time I tag Robin, Lynanne, & Sheryl.

U - Unknown fact about me? I love to sing and in highschool I won my state's 1st place title for solo for Talents For Christ, went on to Nationals in Seattle, WA. My dad took me- it was a very special time!

V - Vegetable you don't like? Beets!

W - Worst Habit? Wanting to make everyone happy all the time

X - Xtremely BIG Husker Fan? What's a Husker?

Y - Your fave food? Oh, lately I can't get enough of spicy Mexican food, especially if it involves homemade guacamole and a good hot salsa.

Z - Zodiac Sign? Capricorn but I never ever read horoscopes!

And now I've added: 3 Cool Sites You Should Check Out:

1. Cool new way to see movie previews. Movie trailer fans can now
experience forthcoming attractions in full Ambilight, incorporating Philips’ proprietary ambient backlighting technology. You can see it for yourself here! It's pretty awesome.

2. Be sure to check out Eat Better America-
a free web site specifically designed for America’s Baby Boomers that provides useful nutrition and fitness information to make eating better easier and fun. Even includes ways to "healthify your own recipes." Very cool!

3. The Urban Baby Runway Blog. Coolest site of all, and take it from me, it pays to be one of their readers!


  1. Oh! My! Goodness! Are you from Nebraska?????

  2. For X, I did Xtremely big Husker fan. I'm originally from Nebraska! The football team is The Nebraska Cornhuskers. So now you know. Thanks for participating, Steph! It was fun reading!

  3. Cool - I'll do it. It's just going to take me a bit to get to it :)

  4. Beets are great! I make an excellent chocolate beet cake. Okay, it tastes a little bit like pennies, but really, it's GOOD.
    Fun list!

  5. Can't get enough spicey food?? Maybe son #4 is on the way?? LOL!

    I'm with Beck, Beets are wonderful, but only if they're pickled!

    I didn't know what a Husker was either. LOL!

  6. P.S. I think it's funny that you listed 4 people as your best friends, becuase I have 3 rl best friends, and my hubby always tells me that you can't have more than one bf!! Oh, Yes you can!

  7. Tagged again? LOL I guess its only fair after tagging you earlier :)

  8. Steph,
    Loved your ABC's. Nice work. Thanks for participating!

  9. Hey Stephanie! My mom is ONE of my best friends too. I think that is super cute!!

  10. A Husker is a University of Nebraska football player like Indiana University is the Hoosiers.

    I thought I didn't like beets either until I tried them this way. Wash them and wrap them in foil. Bake them for 2 hours at 350 degrees. Then peel them and serve them with butter-very good. I am now learning to like butternut squash.


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