November 21, 2006

What Are You Into This Month?

This Month...

The Book I Am Really Into (or one you want to get into!): Ok, so still making my way through Mothering Your Nursing Toddler- still loving it and saying "amen" and "right on" to every paragraph. I have a couple knitting projects going and several fiction books my Aunt Susie sent me that I can't wait to read- I am hoping the windows of time open up and pour out a few extra hours each day...

Magazine I Really Liked: I am so liking Vegetarian Times and the wonderful recipes- especially the vegan ones!! (Found a great place to get a subscription for only $4.69!!) Save an additional 15% off your order including many other magazines available- can you say Christmas gifts anyone- code: MOMMYSAV15 .

TV Show Worth Watching: We have not been disappointed yet by Heroes! It's the new Lost, only better.

Movie I’ve Seen (In or Out of a theater): Haven't made it back to the theater this month, but I can't change the channel when Elf is on, and I can't help but smile the whole time during that movie. Smiling's my favorite.

The CD I Can’t Stop Listening To: Leona Naess (thanks, Ashlee!) And still this one, of course!

The Candle I'm Loving: Beanpod Cinnamon Toast

Blog I Am Always Visiting: Finally my friend Sheryl started her own blog- Peanut Butter And Jelly Boats and it's hilarious in that "so funny 'cause it's true" kinda way and you can just relate. She is one of the most genuine people I know, and she's beautiful and a great mom, too. She's got it all! Check her out!

What I'm Most Looking Forward To Next Month: Christmas! Meeting my new niece due to be born in a few weeks!

I'd love to hear what you are into this month- If you want to play along, let me know in your comments!


  1. Thanks for the blog plug!
    I'm really into...
    Fight Like a Girl - The Power of Being a Woman by Lisa Bevere

    I haven's been to the moveies since Ethan was born, but I do want to see the new Will Ferrell movie, and Ben has just discovered Elf so we enjoy that one alot too.

    I love it when my People Mag. comes every Friday! Also I REALLY like the Nick Jr. Family Mag.

    I'm watching Heroes and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I am getting more adn more disappointed with Lost as tiem goes on!

    I'm looking forward to baby's 1st Christmas next month! Also, I'm HUGE on family traditions so I can't wait for all those family dinners and other traditions!

  2. I have no new answers from last is predictable, what can I say.

    But I do know that Christmas will be fun this year. Carter's first Christmas and our nephew that is 2 months younger. I love babies at Christmas! Gray should be a blast!

  3. I forgot to tell you.....the new picture is adorable!!!

  4. I love Elf. When it came out I thought "what a dumb movie, who'd watch that?"...I was so so wrong. It's a new holiday thing to do.

    Heroes has turned out to be pretty good. Still haven’t watched last night's. Tivo is saving it for me.

    Is this a Meme? I like it.

  5. Elf is a family favorite!!! I cry laughing every time I see it!!

  6. Great post!
    Book - My Christmas cookbooks
    Magazine - My Christmas ecetera
    TV Show - The Office
    Movie - I watched The Wedding Singer Monday night...
    CD - Sufjan Steven's Christmas CD
    Candle - Pomegranate
    Blog - Many!
    Looking forward to: CHristmas
    There ya go.

  7. I love your blog. Couldja add one of those subscribe thingies si I could get it automatically? :)

  8. Went to a movie for the first time in 6 mos. Saw The Departed with Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholas, and MArk Wahlberg. Great movie, just really harsh language. Fun to get out with the hubby!

    I'm ina baking co-op and we meet every week to bake Christmas cookies to freeze. I have probably around 18 dozen assorted cookies in the freezer for the holidays!

    Started watching Heroes, but I'm still confused and trying to figure it all out. Love CSI on Thursday nights.

    Looking forward to seeing family at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  9. Heroes is becoming our "24" this season. We hate when it ends every week!!!

    MUSIC: Matt requests Christmas music be played right now.

    PB&J Boats is great. Nice posts, Sheryl!!!

  10. I like that movie Elf too! It's cute.

  11. I love LOST, but we've only seen the first season and a couple episodes of the 2nd season so far. This heroes sounds interesting.

    I posted mine on my blog!

  12. Neat idea for a post! Very interesting. I am most into right now: NAPS!


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