November 3, 2006

Randy Randomness

I'd rather be the person saying you just had to be there than the person hearing it.

I found a new blog thanks to the Urban Baby Runway blog. The Children's Health Enviromental Coalition Blog is presenting 90 Tips For 90 Days: for 90 days they will post tips to help you reduce exposure to chemicals, toxins, and pollutants- for the benefit of your children's health, the health of your home, and the environment. Check out the current and past tips like
What If You Can't Afford Everything Organic?

And, in case you are needing new diapers anytime soon, I'll remind you to get $2 off your first order (using code STPR4900) at 1-800-Diapers. (Free shipping with qualifying orders, too.) They offer a great deal on Seventh Generation diapers -for moms & dads that just aren't ready to use cloth yet and want a more enviro-friendly diaper.

It's Friday already? And November? Wow. 'Round here it's taking me a while to get used to the dark at 5 PM thing we have going on here. And the cold. It snowed here yesterday!

*Updated* Did you see this post over at Lori's???

Also, one last and very important thing. Will you be casting your vote next Tuesday? I will.


  1. I also use 7th Generation from 1800Diapers. Aren't they great? I do get some strange looks from friends though.... "why are your diapers BROWN? Are they recycled?"

  2. I love this. I will hceck out these sites tonight! You are so rad. :)

  3. Thanks for the link and useful information!!!

  4. Oh cool, thanks for the UBR shout out (and glad you like the set - I love that fabric)! Yeah I am happy to have found CHEC too b/c I need all the tips I can get, I've learned so much already. I've been using the 7th Gen while we're at my moms b/c I felt bad running up their water/elec bills w/cloth since we're staying here for free. I get the same question about them - are they recycled?? Why is he in a paper bag? LOL. But I wasn't familiar w/800dipes so thanks!

  5. Thanks for reminding me of my civic duties! And thanks for the links! (Don't you just <3 "mama c-ta"? I wish she still loved close so we could all hang out!)

    Alright... I AM going to bed!

  6. I find it SO hard to fucntion in these early-darkness months. I get the winter blues big time. :( (As I type this it's early enuogh that I should be outside doing something but instead I'm inside online. So I guess I really can't say anything!)

  7. Ha! Just don't go to Australia and use the term "randy" for anything. Josh learned this when he went there for choir tour and one of the guys named Randy had to change his name for the trip. :)


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