November 26, 2006

No They Won't Fall Out

I went to Babies R Us today and Gray was sleeping sweetly in the sling. I would be surprised to make it through the store without someone stopping to ask about it- and within about 40 seconds in the store I had my first approach.

I was asked the two most common questions I get asked:
Do you like that thing? (I think- of course I like it- why else would I be using it?)
Aren't you afraid he's going to fall out?

I always respond politely about my love for carrying baby close, and how much he loves it, too. I then give my endorsement that it is just as safe and more comfortable than other baby carriers, etc.

The third most common question is where can I get one of those?

I am still at a loss as to why more stores don't sell baby slings- it would be wonderful for them to support local mamas that make them, or there are also some nice name brands they could sell for people that can spend a little more money. I have my eye on the Rockin Baby Pouch next... I've tried one before and think Gray is at the perfect stage for it. I think this will be on my Christmas list!

We were in Babies R Us to get him a potty seat. Staying true to my motherly instincts, I am noticing signs and cues. I have no expectations at the moment, but want to be ready for when he's ready!


  1. I am definitely more open to slings when baby #2 comes around. I think a lot of people just don't know a lot about them. (I am still learning myself).

    In fact, I do have one question - is Gray really active in it? Emma has always been a wiggler and has never been really cuddly, and I often wonder if she would be the baby that fell out...

    And wow -- a potty seat already! That's one determined boy. :)

  2. I know just what you mean. I took Hunter and Carter to a craft show today (Hunter thought we were going to sit down and watch a "show") and I had a ton of women asking, as usual. I won't be surprised to go back next year and find some of the lady's are making them :)

  3. You've amazed me with the baby sling issue. I think mothers should have at least one to carry their baby because I agree with the facts you wrote in the baby sling post. They are so true!

    And thank you so much for putting my blog in your Blog of the Week list. I'm honored, Stephanie.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


    PS. You know, moms, Stephanie once was Blog of the Week too :)

  4. I had a sling with Jackson, but I didn't love the make of it. It was a bit small and it had padding that was bulky. (It was made by a local woman.)

    Susan tried out a few designs with Julia. But we are such morons, we have such a hard time getting used to putting them on etc. It helped when Sue got the Maya one and we had the video, but good grief slings make me feel stupid trying to figure them out.

    I do really like them though - and if I ever get another baby I will make sure that child LOVES his/her sling right from the start.

  5. When my daughter was 3 months old, I carried her in the sling while I taught Bible school. One of the helper moms followed me everywhere, determined she was going to catch the baby when she fell out of the sling.

    And at one point DD's head lightly bumped against a door frame (she didn't even cry), but that same mom rushed over and started inspecting the baby's head to ensure she wasn't seriously injured.

    I kept thinking, "Geez, lady, you actually think she'd be safer down in the nursery with a 5:1 child-to-adult ratio and toddlers running everywhere?"

  6. People are weird about slings - all three of our munchkins have been sling babies, and we had non-stop comments while we were out in public:
    1) The critical kind. "The baby looks so uncomfortable." Yes. That's why she's sleeping so heavily.
    2)The oh-my-gosh-I-need-one-of-those kind. Our sling maker should have given us a commission.

  7. I love my Hotsling, and I just found on their website you can act as a representative to a local store-- when the store places their first wholesale order you get a $100 gift certificate to Hotsling!!

    It would solve two problems-- you could refer the "I've-got-to-have-one-of-those" women to a local store, and you can get a new sling (or two!).

  8. You can always plug your local LLL, cause they sell Maya Wraps if someone wants to get a sling locally. :-)

  9. I tried one of your slings when Ethan was new born. I liked it alot. He looked so cute all scrunched up in there. I was thinking again about getting one now that Ethan is getting bigger. It would be nice to have my hands free and I think Ethan would love it.

  10. I'm excited to hear how the potty business goes!

    Don't you just love the concern! I had a man come up to me and put his hand on Xav's tush in the sling not too long ago because he was certain he had to be uncomfortable and was about to fall out! Which of course he was since I'd just hiked 2 miles and he was fast asleep! :)

  11. I should add that I don't think a baby is in any more danger being in a sling as he is being carried in someone's arms... but you don't see me running up to someone holding their child asking them if they are afraid they will drop them or if they are uncomfortable!!

  12. You know, I have to add that I have never had anyone act concerned. I've only gotten the "Wow, where did you get that?" "I wish I had one when my kids were little" Some of these comments surprised me.

  13. I have also gotten a lot of positive comments, the "wow I wish they had those when my kids were little!" and "How convenient!" But some people also like to make stupid comments, like "OMG she looks so uncomfortable" and "How can you be sure she is still breathing in there?"

  14. It sounds so awesome that I feel envious that I didn't know much about that when I was having my babies. I would have loved the sling-thing. You're a cool mama!

  15. That is so awesome that Gray loves to snuggle like that. I wish I was more informed in the beginning or had you as a neighbor so I could try it out before making a purchase.

    Exciting about the potty seat!

  16. I loved my sling, I used it with my first 8 years ago and then for next two kids then lent it out and never got it back for my 4th kid. I used to walk and nurse at the same time, it was so easy and convienent.

  17. I used to get the "Oh is the baby sleeping?" question while sitting and nursing - I would use the tail of my sling to civer up to be discreet. So little old ladies would come over - "Is he sleeping - can I see him?" I would smile and say - "well, no he's not sleeping but you can sure look if you want to..."

    ;-) I got the won't he fal out one too.

    I once wore him on my back while setting up my entire craft table (including heavy display cases)


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