November 19, 2006

Missing The Living Vacuum

Already missing the pooch, just a little, mainly at meal time.

I have never seen so many crumbs on our floor before.


  1. That was the first thing I noticed too when we didn't have our dog anymore either.

  2. Oh how sad. I guess I have some catching up to do since I've been so scarce. Going to catch up now...

  3. I can only imagine, without my dogs to clean up after us I'd have to clean WAY more!

    Glad everyone's ok but sorry that he snapped. That's never fun.

  4. I'm so sorry, Stephanie. I'm sure you and the kids must have missed her so much.

    But I think it's better than Gray gets another accident. Sorry about that too.

    He's not hurt, right?

  5. Yup, ditto. When our little dog was killed, I can't say I missed HIM as much as his ability to clean up my floor. I hardly ever swept before he died!

  6. Sorry to hear of this tough decision Stephanie. Pets are members of a family and when it comes to difficult situations like this, it hurts. Children of course come first; especially their safety.


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