November 14, 2006

Me Need Hair Cut

I may take Gray for his first haircut today. I have made the appointment, then canceled, then rescheduled. Then Carter took Noah's "homework scissors" to his own hair the other day and I thought, well, we have to take him in now to get that fixed so we should finally take Gray, too. Daddy is not fond of the mullet look sprouting from the back. Mommy could hold onto it a little while longer...

As babies, all my boys have loved this silly trumpet playing Cookie Monster. When you press his hand he plays When The Saints Go Marching In and when you put the trumpet in his mouth he'll play and say "ha cha cha" in a deep Cookie voice. Gray puts the trumpet to Cookie's mouth and in his own voice growls a little hacha in a deep sound- too cute I must say. He also likes to poke Cookie's eye balls. Ouch.

**Updated to add: this morning we were playing and clear as day he said "cookie?" as he pointed to his trumpet playing Cookie Monster. This could be his second official word (dog was his first.) Dog, cookie, he's got his priorities in order!**

Last night he was taking his pajamas and putting them in Noah & Carter's pajama drawers. I guess he wants to be like his big brothers. I'll take all the laundry help I can get.


  1. Cute pic.

    I held off my husband until our son was one - his mullet was getting just a bit too long though! Gray's looks fine in the front!

  2. My babies were all super hairy. Each of them had their first official haircut before they could sit up... except for the boy. We cut his hair when we brought him home from the hospital because HIS BANGS WERE IN HIS EYES. Hairy baby!

  3. We just got our first professional cut for Zachary(14 mos) this past weekend. Just give him a sucker and it keeps him entertained!! He has always been very hairy, and I have trimmed it at home, but it finally got to the point that he needed some professional HELP!Good Luck!

  4. OH, that first haircut always pulls at the heartstrings...unless your kids are like my kids and they actlike you have put them in some sort of midevil torture devise just to cut their hair. I tried the sucker thing but I only ened up with a sucker covered in hair! Yuck! Good Luck!

  5. Lex needs a haircut too. Feels like he'll all of a sudden be grown up if he gets his hair cut!

    Gray sounds so cute! "hacha" adorable!

  6. Too big, he is! I'm excited about this first haircut business!

  7. Such a cute picture....which one is your child? Just joking...he is a cutie cutie...good luck with the hair cut take lots of pictures

  8. Monte was born needing a hair cut, but I held off until he was 7 months old. Then he looked like a litte boy, not a baby.

    Hunter had the cutest hair EVER! At 14 months I finally caved when strangers kept telling me what a pretty baby "girl" I had. Ooops! (but he really was pretty)

  9. The first haircut is going to be interesting indeed. It's hard having a girl because I want her hair to grow, but sometimes she look like a shaggy mess!

    Good luck with the mullet removal :)

  10. Daddy is not fond of the mullet look sprouting from the back.
    A vote for "no mullets" is a vote for cheer and joy everywhere in the land :)

    When it comes to our babies, we moms just love their hair. They are babies just once, it goes by so fast, sad to see those locks go.

    And that's a cute cute picture.

  11. That kid is advanced! Liam only says mama, mom mom and Ba. He sorta said nana this morning when I fed banana to him. He said Daddy ONCE, but I think it was baby babble teasing us.

    That is a cool cookie monster doll.

  12. o don't even talk about haircuts. against my better judgement i gave my boy a cut a couple days ago and it's awful! i have done well in the past, but man. i did him wrong this time! i've learned my lesson.

  13. My little boy got his first haircut when he was 2 months old. LOL.

    Gray is so cute!
    The shirt is even more :)mln


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