November 16, 2006

Maybe I Am Doing At Least A Couple Things Right

Spill 3/4 of a box of small shell pasta all over stove and kitchen floor.

Forget the shopping list for Target (of random necessities that I know I'll forget) on the kitchen table.

Forget to remind both boys to go potty before we leave.

Forget to put shoes on baby as we go to get his first hair cut.

"I forgot to put baby's shoes on! What kind of mother am I?" I mutter, irritated at myself.

Without missing a beat Noah says, "You're a good mother."

I don't know if I've ever felt more thankful for such a compliment before in my life.

After dropping Noah off for school without a minute to spare, I hear Carter say a prayer as we drive away, "Father God, please help Noah not to have any seizures or coughing at school and that he has a won-der-ful day. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen."


  1. What a sweet little brother Noah has.

    Carter, you really "save" your mommy today :).

    Um, by the way, Stephanie, I read about what Noah has to go through, about his seizures, the Katogenic diet, and how you have struggled for him. I thought Noah doesn't have any seizures anymore. Does he?

    Well, I just hope he's doing okay, just like Carter said in his prayer. Ameen...


  2. Your boys are sweethearts. I think every mom has those "bad" mom moments, where we feel completely incompetent - I remember once bringing my bottle-fed baby to the mall and forgetting to bring her a bottle. And we took the bus, so we couldn't get home again for a couple of hours - oh, the guilt. (everything was okay, and she had her first drink of juice from a straw very cheerfully.) Now she's 7 and she loves me, no harm done.

  3. Hun, you are a great mama! I know what you're feeling. We have our moments. You still rock!

  4. Sounds like you are raising some wonderful boys! Good mom indeed!

  5. You are a GREAT mother!

    Carter is soooo sweet and sensitive, that little guy..

    And baby Gray with no shoes...oh well!

    Noah is completely weaned from his diet now right?

  6. Noah is still seizure-free and has been off the diet since August, but Carter still prays those prayers for him... so sweet.

  7. Steph, your boys exude sweetness! Everytime I see them I just see sweetness. These are just more examples!

  8. Ha! We all have those moments. When Carter was first born I left the house without a diaper bag. I knew I could feed him, but what did I think I was going to do if he pooped?

  9. Such sweet children! You've taught well... they have kind hearts because you do!

  10. I bet the boys pick up on the example Daddy makes of giving Mommy compliments. :)

  11. Steph- how sweet that Carter has such a love for Noah. That was such a sweet prayer. You're doing A LOT right!

  12. That is SO SWEET that he prays for his brother like that!!

  13. Bless Carter wnat a lovely brother he is
    You are a good mother sometimes we just forget things

  14. You are doing more than a few things right. I'm glad your boys know it too -- they are so sweet! I can't wait for the day I hear Emma pray. You must be so proud! And the photos of Gray are so cute... Who needs noodles and shoes when you have three boys who love you more than life itself?!! :)

  15. *sigh* What lovely children you have!

  16. The paryer by Carter....oh so sweet.....such sweet lil ones you have.


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