November 11, 2006

I'm Hip, I'm With It!

The other night I was tired. I told the boys, "Boys, it's time for you to go home."

If only.

I meant, time for you to go to bed.

Noah laughed at me- "home?"

My 5 year old is already making fun of me. What will happen to me when I turn into an "un-hip" mom with 3 teenagers some day? And the fact that I just used the term "un-hip" is speaking volumes right now.

In Other News...
I just caught Carter coming downstairs with this "look." He sheepishly said, "Um, Mommy, my other friend Carter made a big mess with all the play food upstairs. You know, the other Carter."

So this is starting, too?

I hope I still have this blog years down the road so that I can come back and revisit the good ol' days when I was still a little cool.


  1. I think when our kids are grown up they will think we were ancient for using computers! By then they will have something like hologram screens on their heads or something.

  2. And so it begins...! I've been feeling super un-cool lately makes you feel any better I think you're still 'hip' :) hahaha!

  3. Hey, we think you're cool... You just tell your boys it was the other mommy who said those uncool things.

    Fun stories!

  4. LOL- I'm not sure if I've ever been cool. :p I guess it will be even worse when I'm less cool.

    I think these days of raising a 5yo will seem like the good ol' days when my girls are teenagers!

  5. The *other* Carter?! That's just too much!

  6. First of all, you ARE cool! Second of all, I'm just gald it's still so obvious when they say things like, "The Other Carter." At some point they will get a little bit better of a clue how to disguise things! Then what will we do?!?!

  7. My cool has all leaked away, like a car with a leaky something or other. The best I can hope for when my kids are teenagers is to be seen as "embarrasingly eccentric."

  8. First, you are totally hip...well, because we say so!

    And as far as the teen years... let's not go there yet! I can only imagine the "discussions" Emma and I will have when she's a busy teen instead of a busy tot. For now, I'm relishing in the "Mommy is my favorite person" stage. I know it will be over before I know.

  9. I'm too tired to comment and it's seven. How unhip am I? It's Sat night!

  10. I have the three boys, too, and am NOT cool. Never was, never will be. I've given up on it. Well, we'll see who's cool AND holding the car keys in a few years. ;)

  11. Im sure you will still be hip when you have teenagers ;)
    and if they dont think so then later when they have grown and left the nest they will look back and think it:)

    Ah!! the other Carter A LOL kids are clever A :)

    I hope you have a blog then too - I'll be reading it :)

  12. Remember "cool" is just a state of mind!

    Kids Furniture Crazy

  13. Carter and Hunter are VERY similar. Must be a 2nd born thing! And it doesn't get better - Monte laughs at me all the time. But he thinks his dad hung the moon.

  14. Who needs scrapbooking when you've got blogging? This outlet captures everything perfectly. Those stories are too cute!


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