November 6, 2006

Making It Count

I will be voting tomorrow.

I will make time to vote- it takes just a few minutes.
I will take my kids with me- I will set an example for them.
I will go early- before I let the day slip by.

I will know about the candidates. (Thanks to Randi for the helpful link!)
Go to Project Vote Smart, too. (Thanks Lori!)

I won't worry about botched ballots, "fixed" counting machines, or if my vote even really counts or not.

Because if my vote does happen to matter, then I want it to be counted.


  1. THANKS -- I have been looking for a site to work off of. Excellent!


  2. Vote! If for no other reason..beacuse you CAN!

  3. Hi there! I found your site through 5 min. for Mom.
    I will be praying, voting and praying!
    That is what tomorrow is for. :)

  4. GREAT JOB! I love that you're bringing the kids, as an example to them. And that you're learning about the candidates instead of just being a party voter.

    Good idea, Angee. I'll be praying, too. ;)

  5. Your right, we are an example. I always took my kids because they were just with me all the time. I never really thought about how I'm teaching them the importance of voting!

  6. I am in Canada - so I won't be voting but I will be watching and praying.


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