October 5, 2006

There's Nothing Like A Hug

I first came upon this thanks to Peanut Gallery. What is it about a hug?

Click here to see for yourself.

Have you ever been just fine, then someone hugged you and the emotions just started flowing? Maybe you didn't even know you needed a hug at that moment...

Just think about who you could hug next and what it might mean to them.

Hugs don't cost a thing but are worth so much.


And here's something else that won't cost a thing if you win my contest!
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  1. It's beautiful, Stephanie! Thanks so much for sharing the link.

    That's Noah and Carter in the picture? They look awesome, and the photo is great, too.

    Have a great day!

  2. Yes- that's Noah almost age 2 and Carter age 6 1/2 months!

  3. I so know what you mean about getting an unexpected hug and losing your cool... it's happened way too many times when I thought I had it together.

    Hope you have a fab weekend! This photo is so sweet!

  4. I've seen that video before...it makes me all teary eyed. I'm not huge on hugs, but do see the need for them...they do make your spirits lift.

  5. What a cute picture. Definitly a keeper. I can't imagen what it was like to have 2 under the age of 2!!!

  6. How cute! The little guy doesn't seem too sure! hee hee

    I'm a HUGGER... I had seen that video a while back and it made me smile and cry at the same time.

  7. oh ya I have totally had that happen to me!

  8. such a precious photo

    i had an experience like that at church last Sunday my friend came up and gave me a hug and I burst into tears (im going through a hard time at the moment) its good to get those feelings out through

  9. So cute! I actually sad Elijah on my lap and gave hima big hug while we watched. Thanks for the fun link!

  10. Love the photo


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