October 23, 2006

Pep Rally

I went out (read: Starbuck’s) last night with two very close sister-friends. We didn’t spend our time griping and commiserating about being moms or wives, but rather how good we have it, and how we desire to be better moms & wives.

I couldn’t wait to get home and give hubby kisses, and check on my older boys as they were tucked in bed.

And I feel so ready to greet this week, a refreshed me.


  1. Oh good for you! Gotta love those breaks.

  2. It's so nice to hear that someone else is proud to be a wife and a mother, and actually likes their husband, and children!! What a wonderful testimony you are to other young wives and mothers.

  3. im pleased you had a wonderful time with your special friends and so uplifted about it all
    keep up the good work :)

  4. Did anyone see Oprah today? It was about "Moms Around The World." I already knew that other mamas had it way worse than I, but it was a great reminder. I found myself tearing up watching this mom in AFrica walking up hills carrying loads of stuff for $.25 cents! She had a bunch of kids too! At that moment I was soooo thankful for my hubby and how he provides for our family.And despite my petty gripes, I have a really great life! (I mean, I am sitting on my butt watching Oprah and not struggling up a hill with 200 pounds of beans on my back...right?) Life is looking pretty good from where I'm sitting!LOL!

  5. AAHHHH Starbucks, and friends..who could ask for anything more?

  6. What an uplifting post! It's so nice you mentioned you all did not get together to gripe. It makes me thik of tv shows-like According to Jim and Raymond-where the wives are just constantly belittling the dads/husbands. It's sad. Not an image I want my kids to get in their heads!
    Good for you that you have friends with the same appreciation.


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