October 18, 2006

Normally I Was A Well-Dressed Child

My mom had a good laugh about yesterday's post, and in her defense she said:

1) That shirt really fit you but just needed to be pulled down.
Your brother never really did like to wear pants.

I thought I should share proof that normally my brother and I were well-dressed children.

Hair styles... now that's a different story.


  1. What a great follow up to your WW! I love those photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How freakin cute is this. :) Love the tees.

  3. I am cracking up at how much I see NOAH in your smile!!!! WOW!!!!

  4. You guys are seriously too cute! That smile of yours hasn't changed a bit!

  5. so cute! I'm just cracking up looking at the background. The tile and the chair colors. Takes you back, doesn't it? he..he...

  6. It's the Dorthy Hamil bowl cut!!!! I had it too!! And HATED it!

  7. I loved your socks...too cute...you know they are back in style??????

  8. This is so cute. It makes me want to go to my moms and flip thru old photos.

  9. I swear EVERYONE owned a coffee table like the one you and your brother are standing in front of!!

    Too cute!

  10. LOL! excellent follow-up
    I have lots of those, and I can't even say "normally I was a well-dressed child".

  11. Soooooo cute. I love the pictures! Iris has a thing with pants, too. What is it about pants?

  12. U were very nice looking children
    your haircuts were probably very acceptable in those days
    you were both very photogenic children
    lovely smiles :)
    makes me want to getout my photo albums and put them on one of my blogs only is trouble is they are well packed away in our spare room - one of these days


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