October 4, 2006

Lessons From A Squirrel

Driving home yesterday, a squirrel ran out in front of me. He was almost to the other side of the street when he realized my car was coming. He scurried around and ran back the other way. I thought, little squirrel- you were almost there! Why did you turn around?

It was farther to go backward than to just hurry on up to the way he was planning to go.

How often do we do that? We’re almost "there" and we see the big enemy a comin' or something bad happens, we freak out or just get into fear, and then we turn back the other way...

...when we were almost to the other side. Almost there!

Of course I could see the big picture as I watched the little squirrel from higher up and could see his course, and that he could have made it if he tried.

Something to think about today, thanks to a squirrel.


  1. LOL, lessons from a squirrel, indeed. Very funny :) It's good to see that life lessons aren't lost on some of us!

  2. :D
    I thought you were going to write you hit the pooor thing :(
    I'm glad the lesson went a totally different direction.
    Anyways, that's a good lesson: stay the course.

  3. You had a big picture view on the squirrel, just like God has on us. I'm sure, many times The Lord is up in Heaven cheering like he's at a football game..."Keep going, just a little further...oh, no, not that way...what are doing? Turn around! You were almost there." Luckily, God is not in a car trying to run us over! Gives me something to think about today! Thanks!:-)

  4. Why do we do that? Silly squirrels!

  5. Wow. You are very wise. I read that to my hubby and he was very impressed!!

  6. Hmm. This is interesting.

    Last Wednesday afternoon (about the same time you saw your squirrel, I believe), I saw a squirrel messing up our yard. So I tried to scare him away by stomping my foot and growling like crazy. That didn’t scare him, however. In fact, he even moved toward me!

    After reading your post, I can conclude one thing about squirrels: They’re not smart. They celebrate April Fools in October.


  7. totally true!! and I thought you hit it too! hehe

  8. You always give such good analogies. I guess that's one of your spiritual gifts! You paint a great picture...

    You are so right about God seeing the bigger picture, while we tend to have "tunnel" vision. We fear what's ahead without trusting His guidance. Of course, if we put complete faith in Him, he will never lead us astray!

  9. Thanks squirrel. Not really related but squirrels have been attacking little kids around here lately. Odd. Is that a Maryland thing??

    BTW I just added you to my blogroll, I thought you were already on there! I never use it anyway thanks to Bloglines :)

  10. A profound lesson from that little squirrel indeed.


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