October 2, 2006

Big Day, Big Words, Big Promise

Grayson was dedicated yesterday at church. Such an annointed and blessed time with family and friends.

A powerful word from the Lord was spoken over this very precious son of mine~

…There’ll be some challenging times because he is going to be a deep thinker. A deep thinker. He’s going to need to know why and how things work.

I want you to understand from the very beginning what this means, because this is not rebellion in anyway and not about being stubborn. It is about wanting to understand the deep things. The deep things within My spirit. The mysteries of this life. He will be intrigued with science. It will not be a deterrent to him. It will not be something that will take his heart away from Me.

It’ll be something that he will see Me revealed through it and he will want to get into it deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. Let him.

Because he’ll make discoveries as he goes deeper into it.
He has the ability and the capabilities to understand the
mysteries of the universe. You’ll see it develop in his life. He’ll be a tremendous asset to his generation and to those that are around him because of the depth of his thoughts, says the Lord.


  1. Aren't words like that amazing to a mom??? :)

    PS Dig the cowboy profile pic!!

  2. Maybe he's gonna grow up prove all those evolutionists wrong!

  3. Such powerful words! It will be amazing to see him grow!

  4. It will so neat watching him grow and learn!

  5. Such a cute picture and great words.

  6. So amazing! Great pictures!

  7. What a handsome little fella you have....

  8. Oh my God..
    Please help me, Stephanie!
    Cause I'm going to faint...
    Your little guy is so cute,
    so handsome,
    oh God.. :)

  9. Very touching -- and extremely cute. It will be fun to see the plans God has for this little thinker!


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