September 17, 2006

What I've Learned This Weekend

Noah has told me that the new phrase for "sitting indian style" is pretzel legs.
As in: Teacher said me & Jordan were being good sitting with our pretzel legs. Then he shows me a demonstration of himself with pretzel legs. Good job.

When I am completely caught up on every bit of dirty laundry in the entire house, there isn't enough room in our dresser drawers to contain it. This certainly isn't what the Lord meant back in Malachi 3:10, is it?

I think I am becoming addicted to my brother in-law's new worship CD! I feel a contest coming on soon! Free CD anyone? Want to know how to get your ears on it? It's a gooood one! Stay tuned!!


  1. flip flop: Can't say just yet- waiting for his website to be ready or word from him that I can start selling the CD!

  2. I love hearing about Matt's day and the happening at school. Get ready for more....

  3. I've also heard "pretzel legs" called "criss cross applesauce". Who knew we were so un-PC as children?!

  4. No way! I thought it was just Hunter's teacher that called it pretzel legs. He came home from school with it the first day. I thought it was cuter than indian style.

    And we have the same laundry problem. Does that mean we need more dressers? Or that we have too many clothes :)

  5. Pretzel legs!!! That is so funny, I'm going to have to share that with my kids.

  6. K - totally want the CD - and I like "pretzel legs" better than Indian style - and the librarian at story time says criss cross applesause


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