September 9, 2006

What I've Learned So Far

What I've learned so far since Noah has been going to school now over 2 weeks (wow that went fast!) :

People drive too fast in the school zone! I have never noticed this before, but I did not have a school-age child in the vicinity and I am not liking all these speedy speedikins! I felt some relief when someone was pulled over the other day right as school was letting out... it looked like a high schooler. Mostly the people I see zipping through there are adults that should know better. I am sure I was probably one of those people before Noah started school, too. Keep it at 20 mph and your eyes peeled, people!

I am not the only mom that still drops her child off and picks him up right outside of class every day. I honestly had visions that I would be taking Noah to school and then bringing something for Carter & the baby to do while I knit or read outside his classroom. Seriously. But, I've been doing great. Just not ready for the bus yet. But I am not the only one!

I have also noticed that after a couple weeks, while dropping off or picking up your child, the need to look good has really worn off. I still dress pretty normally, but must admit at first there were a couple moms that I was like, "does she really wear a skirt and heels even though she stays at home?" But that same mom has been wearing sweats and a tee shirt the past couple days. Phew!

I am still so excited to hear about Noah's day when we pick him up. I am still so excited to just see his face! And to see and hear how much he totally loves it. On the weekends he has asked when he gets to go back to school. When he showed me his sit ups and push ups that he learned in gym class yesterday, I felt so proud!

Noah is growing up. Not like I didn't realize this before, but I have so many more reminders of it now. He's learning new things, making so many friends- the other day in the car he told me he has "Tons of friends, mom. Tons!" He even already likes a girl. I am not sure I am okay with this yet! McKenna said the funniest thing, McKenna found an acorn at recess, McKenna is so cute.

I have learned that this school thing is turning out to be all right. I'm gonna make it after all!


  1. I'm also very excited to hear this story, Stephanie! Um... about McKenna.. is this Noah's first crush? Maybe you need some tips about it: how to handle your kid's first crush.

    Hope that helps :).

    Have a wonderful weekend with your little boys!


  2. oh - it is all so exciting and sad the little ones growing up!!

    i never wear makeup at home - so I often try to hide behind my sunglasses. The most I have on for pick up/drop off is lipgloss.

  3. Isn't it amazing? I'm still amazed that I have a child in school ALL DAY! When did he get so big!?!?! Amy

  4. What an exciting new phase you have moved into!

  5. When SlowMo started kind, there were no busses, so I had to drop her off...I wasn't a stay at home mom then, since I was a single parent, but I dropped her off in my pj's!! I never got out of the car though. AND last night I had to pick her up from a party...I went in my pj's. I think I look darn sexy in men's pj bottoms and a wife beater tank!! LOL!

  6. Ack! A girl?! A GIRL?! I'm not ready for him to like a girl. I'm so happy that he loves it so much though. Hearing about it on the way home must just be the highlight of everyone's day, especially his.

  7. HA - during Matt's park camp these past few summers he found MICHALA!! :)

    So glad the year is off to a good start.

    PS Sorry I missed you and Ashlee at Babies R Us this afternoon. We'll have to make a playdate soon enough!!!

  8. All of this is so exciting... well all except for Ms. McKenna... ok so that's really cute too! I'm happy to enjoy it vicariously through you for now. Proud that Noah (and you!) are doing so well with school.

  9. Darby is only 9 months old, and I already dread the first day of means they are REALLY growing up!!

  10. You've been added!!

  11. I don't know what I'll do when kindergarten comes. I'm having a hard enough time with pre-school!!


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