September 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen: Things You Should Know When You See Disney On Ice

Last night we went to see Disney On Ice featuring Monsters, Inc.

1. Before we left for the show we had the boys look around their playroom.

“See all these neat toys? You have a lot, don’t you?”

The kids nod their heads.

“Remember this when we are at the show tonight.”

Believe me this comes in handy later!

2. If you get there early and decide to go to your seats, now is a good time to eat if you plan on eating. Bringing your food to your seats when the show starts in the dark with two kids and a baby is not the right time.

3. Be prepared to spend a fortune on said food.

4. Be aware that the food you do bring back to your seats must fit in your lap or in both hands while the rest of your row decides to leave as soon as you sit down to eat your food. And then when you get all settled again, be aware that the rest of your row will decide to just come back and sit down again.

5. Napkins. Remember lots of napkins.

6. Trying to eat with a squirmy 11 month old on your lap or in a baby sling is pretty much impossible.

7. Especially if he can't eat what you are eating.

8. Remember snacks for squirmy 11 month old. (I did remember I had packed some finally just before the show was over, but it was handy for those last few minutes.)

9. Bringing a squirmy 11 month old is not recommended.

10. Nursing a squirmy 11 month old in cramped seats is not very comfortable for mom and/or baby.

11. Do be ready to watch the delight and wonder on your child’s face more than you watch the actual show.

12. Remember where you parked and which entrance you came in. This may seem obvious, but, um, just take our advice.

13. Remember it all. Don't forget a thing, and I don't just mean the kids. I mean take a moment or two to breathe it in and savor the family time and togetherness. It's a good thing. Be thankful.

And speaking of Ice...
Ice cream, that is.
Be sure to stop by Cold Stone Creamery from 5-8 tonight for free ice cream!


  1. oh that is great! I will try and remember those :)

  2. Love it!! I was anticipating to hear how your night went. I agree with the whole "11-month old" comments. Mark is 15 months and I couldn't imagine him sitting thru a whole show and not wanting to run around and climb. Snacks are important!! HA! Like you said, absorb the time and memories!!!

  3. Haha! Great list! Food at those things is rediculous isn't it? They always price things soooo high!!! I'm glad you reminded people to watch how much fun their children are having...I think too many people over look that.

  4. Zoe's Kindergaten class is going to Disney On Ice this year for one of her fieldtrips....Needless to say, I cannot go and take my other two and be of any assistance for the teacher. I enjoyed reading your list and whole-heartedly agree with the idea that it is not much fun to take a squirmy baby to a place like that. One time we got really brave and went to Medieval Times, baby in sling, sat in a tiny, tiny seat, and it was miserable for me!! Don't do it!!!

  5. Despite all the lessons learned it sounds like you had a great time!!

    I wish we had a Stone Cold Creamery where I live. I love ice-cream and free ice-cream sounds fabulous!! Have one for me.

  6. Great list. We are going this weekend so I'll try to remember all this. Mostly number one. Hunter is the king of "I want that".

    And I have been there with the 11 month old when Hunter was little. Carter is only 3 months so I'm feeling pretty confident at this point!!!

  7. Your lucky kids! Disney on Ice sounds like so much fun. I hear you on the uncomfortable stadium-sling nursing, though. Not so much fun.

  8. Glad you had a good time...despite the obstacles :^)

    I'll try to remember these this fall when we take our little guy to the Nutcracker...luckily they have a family show which is shorter and less formal.

  9. That sounds like LOADS of fun! I've been itching to take my daughter to the circus as soon as she's old enough....

  10. Great list! I was thinking how brave you were for brining an 11-mo old. Still, it sounds like it was an awesome time full of family memories!

  11. May I add a 14th to your list? Diapers. Remember lots and lots of diapers. Even if you think you have enough, just stick 4 more in your diaper bag just in case.

    We took our kids to the circus when my third was 2. He got diarrhea at the end of the show. He needed 3 diaper changes and I only had 1 diaper.

    Whenever there was enough light, I looked around for people with large babies then asked them for diapers...and by the third change, wipes. No kidding. Makes me laugh to think of it!


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