September 23, 2006

A Pretty Good Week End

Friday Night,
Garden Gala,
date night with
my hubby.
Hob Nob with
my favorite
artsy-fartsy-type crowd.
Jazz trio,
great food,
engaging conversations.
Make new friends who also babywear!

Daddy makes apple pancakes.
Go to dinner later with family, good times. Popcorn, old-fashion kettle-popped on the stove, Chronicles of Narnia in HD, pjs on, knitting a new blanket.

A pretty good week end.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. And look at that handsome couple all dressed up! You two are awesome.

  2. Apple Pancakes! YUM-O!

    The boys love when daddy makes breakfast. And so do I!!!

  3. Sounds like an easy do you hold it all together with 3 kids???? I fall apart with my 2 ages 9 yrs and 10 months old.....any advice?

  4. I have a photo of you and Jeff at your bridal shower -- haven't changed!!! :)

    Also, Jeff needs to pass some of his culinary talents to Steve. Apple pancakes -- holy cow!!!

  5. What a stunning couple! Sounds like a fabulous weekend. Anything involving pancakes = awesome.

  6. Want to trade weekends?! :) (Mine wasn't THAT bad, but yours sounds divine!)

  7. Can I trade lives with you? Seriously, that sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  8. That sounds like a wonderful weekend. I've been considering taking up knitting since I secretly envy the people I see doing it. Maybe it's time. Lovely picture!

  9. glad you had a good weekend
    I did too :)
    check out my blog to see what my weekend consisted of

  10. Wow, that does sound like a good weekend. Have you ever shown a pic of your hubby? He's cute! Go steph!!! LOL. That's a great pic of the tow of you! Nothing better than a date night, those are few and far between here.

  11. What a great weekend! Jeff and I seriously need a date night soon. And apple pancakes...yum! Who's the lucky person getting the blanket?

  12. Yup... sounds like a GREAT weekend to me.

  13. How fab are you??? Its great to see that you & your hub got couple time. Good on ya, girl! (I could never drag mine to a gala. Unless they served buffalo wings & had a game on somewhere. he he he)

  14. Very nice weekend indeed! Love the photo and the format it's in. How'd you do that?

  15. Sounds like a good weekend, and don't you two look nice!

  16. You are such a great looking couple!

    That sounds like my kind of weekend!


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