September 12, 2006

My Kitchen Table Is A Mess And I Am Loving It

I had a moment this weekend while the Sunday paper was sprawled across our large kitchen table and Noah sat next to me working on his homework- yes, kindergarteners have homework- a whole hour’s worth!

But as both boys sat there cutting with their special scissors and making art out of their jagged paper clippings, I had one of those please remember this forever moments.

Hoping my mind would take a permanent photograph of this very scene, with their messy hair, chubby hands turning into big-boy hands. Noah is still learning to write his name and someday he’ll be writing on fuzzy, pink construction paper & glue-sticked Mother’s Day cards to me. Then one day he’ll be writing essays. Maybe songs. Maybe important documents or papers or a revolutionary theory that will change our world.

I want to always remember him cutting crooked along the dotted lines.

The table was a mess … but I loved it.


  1. Matt has homework too. He has to read to his parents and do worksheets. I never remember homework in KINDERGARTEN!!!

    Yes -- let's absorb these moments!!!

  2. A whole hour worth of homework for kindergarten? wowzers.
    Definitely this is what memories are made of: gluey hands and construction paper.

  3. M had more homework in Kindergarten than she does in First Grade...go figure. I am glad you got an actual photo to help you remember.

  4. I love those moments. That one sounds like a keeper.

    HW in K, huh? Not sure I'll be ready for that one when it rolls around.

  5. Justin had a lot in kindergarten, too. Hardly any in first and only a bit now in second. But an HOUR? Geez.

  6. I remember when my older two went to kindy they had homework
    From memory they had a topic for the week and had to draw a picture or find an article about it in the newspaper and paste into their homework book.
    As a kindy teacher to be I think its a good idea - not sure if it should take an hour though!!
    I use to love this time with my kids.
    Did you know little children can learn a lot by looking at junk mail - maths, reading etc.

  7. Kindergartner's have 1 hour full of homework?! I watched a special on the tube recently in which parents were boycotting schools due to too much homework... I guess "they" recommend no more than 10 minutes per grade level... free school is looking better every moment!

    Now onto the important stuff... don't forget those moments... glue and scissors and construction paper are what beautiful memories are made of! I have the X-man's official first drawing posted proudly on the fridge... I can't wait!

  8. All I remember from Kindergarten was some little boy slimed my hair with lipstick on Halloween!
    An HOUR?? Sheesh!

    I always watch Darby and think "Ohhhh what a memory this is!" I love it.

  9. Hunter has homework EVERY night. Even Friday! And tomorrow he has a field trip so his teacher sent home his homework for tonight AND tomorrow!!! Crazy!!!

    And judging by Monte's homework load - it only get's worse.

  10. That was such a sweet post! I wish more moms would look past the mess and cherish the memories instead!

  11. It sounds like a great time. I recently had my 2 little ones painting with watercolors and markers - photo op! I like how you put it in perspective. Who knows what their little hands will do for the world one day?


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