September 25, 2006

Do I Make You Proud?

I was watching the Amazing Race 10 last night and one of the teams is a pair of single mothers. One of them said that they hoped to win and do well just so their children could see what their Mommy did.

My first thought was, my children probably care more about the time I spend with them than what I achieve in life.

Is it important for our children to be proud of us? Aren't we the ones that should be proud of them?

All this time raising my kids, I've never felt like I should be doing more, achieving more, winning awards, in order to make my kids proud. If I did any of those things, it would be in service to the Lord, or to better my ownself, or to make my own parents proud!

Now, as I've gotten older I can definitely say that I am proud of my parents, but it's not for some big incredible feat in life. It's for the small things like their giving hearts and real, genuine personalities. For just being themselves. Growing up I don't ever remember wishing my parents had accomplished more.

I do remember them loving me, putting their children first, and always being there.

The only awards I plan on anytime soon is a World's Greatest Mommy picture made from a paper plate and the constant praises of how I am the bestest when I put clean pajamas in their drawer and can give The Best soft-voiced reading of Goodnight Moon three times in a row every night. This makes me proud.


  1. Amen, sister!!! You ask any child what they want from mom or dad and its usually QUALITY TIME.

  2. It's always better to have their "presence" than their presents, right? :)
    I love TAR. Dh and I are hooked on.
    I *do* think, though, that the mom was trying to have her children see that they can achieve things they were afraid heights, etc. I thought she or the other team member mentioned that in the 1st episode or something.

  3. Amen!!!! As a child of parents who put their agenda's first I couldn't agree more. I do hope that someday X admires or appreciates our lives but like you said it is our devotion to the Lord and each other that I hope stands out.

    PS - you are the bestest!

  4. My mother always had an invigorating and busy work life outside of the home and I don't think it inhibited her ability to be a good mother. I am proud of my mother for her achievements. She has done so much good with her life and to have that role modeled for me has made me more socially conscious and makes me want to do something for the greater good of humanity as well. I do think being a stay at home mom is a wonderful, admirable job (being that that is the job I currently hold!) but I do want my daughter to be proud of me, to know that I've made a difference in this world and to know that you can be a successful mother along with being a successful woman at the same time. This doesn't necessarily mean holding a job outside the home. It could be as simple as setting a goal and completing it, whatever it may be. If it is important to me and I make a priority of it and successfully accomplish it that will be a great lesson for my daughter. So, perhaps that is what the single mother on that show was talking about?

    *I just have to say that I am very happy I stumbled across your blog last week. I have enjoyed each and every post that I've read that you've written. :-)

  5. I don't mean to condemn what this single mom said, it just made ME think more about if it's important for my kids to be proud of me.

    I guess I really wish she would have said something like how she was doing this for herself and then setting an example for her kids. And maybe that is exactly what she meant.

    And I also don't want to make it sound like this is a stay at home mom vs. working mom thing because my own mom didn't stay at home!!

    Anyway- see what that one statement provoked! It got me thinking, and hopefully more people, too!

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  7. Jess- I did want to say I appreciate your perspective and do agree with what you are saying. In my post I *did* ask a question, so I was expecting people to pipe in whether they agree with me or not! : )

  8. Hee hee- I deleted my last comment because I don't want to come into your home on the 'net and be obnoxious. I love to debate and discuss but I never want to hurt feelings or make anyone uncomfortable. I am new here and I want to remain welcome! :-)

  9. Jess- you will find you are always welcome here!!

  10. Amen! Great post! You are correct in your thinking. I agree all the way! Keep on doing what you are doing, Steph!

  11. I totally agree.....I guess the one thing that I should thank them for is keeping me in my faith and in church....I'm proud of this....but I had parents who loved me inside and out and spent time with us. Loved us and paid attention to our accomplisments not thiers. They put us I do my children. Good post.

  12. I guess I will ditto everyone else's AMEN! Great blog!


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