September 20, 2006

America's Next Top Toddler

So Carter is still talking about the fashion show and wants to know when he can do it again. I never would have imagined he’d be like that!

There were three boys and about ten girls in the show. As a mom of all boys some things were just foreign to me… while all the moms & kids were dressing for the show, high pitched voices were exclaiming, “I have pink tights, white tights, & cream tights.” “Where’s your tights?” “Get your tights on!!” Tights! Tights! Tights! AH!!

And now, we don’t live in an area where there are pageants or lots of fashion shows or anything. For everyone I am pretty sure this was an amateur thing. But I did catch a mom pulling her little girl to the side- she was maybe 3 or 4 years old, and she said “You need to have a good attitude and do a good job. Remember, this is not about you.”

I just looked at Carter with his rumpled hair, big toothy grin, dressed so dapper, “Just be yourself, buddy bear.”


  1. Well said, American's Top Mom!! Parents get WAY too caught up in things sometimes. And thank goodness this was just a small-time show. Imagine what that parent might have been like if it really was a big deal. Scary!

  2. That is so sad. I'm glad Carter enjoyed it and that his mom has level head. :)

  3. Im glad you said that. Our beautiful children need to be children. Your a good mum. Some of these mothers get carried away and make it about themselves.

  4. aawwww... that's so sad! But you're a rockstar for keeping it real.

  5. Pagent mom take that stuff waaaay too seriously. I used to babysite these 4 girls who were in pagents..craziness!! The mom I babysat for wasn't that bad, but some of those other mom's cared more about the attention they got than their child. Scary!! You did the right thing just keeping it fun for him!!

  6. You said that cause you're a good mommy! I have learned many a lesson of how "not to be" by watching other mothers with their kids. Makes you think!


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