September 30, 2006

First Steps And A Future Concert Pianist?

Grayson took his first steps last night!

He wouldn't walk to Daddy. He wouldn't walk to Mommy.

But he sure loved walking to the toy baby grand piano!

September 29, 2006

Zoo-dy Zoo-day!

Gray loved the Meer Cats.

But I think he loved hangin' with his pal Xavier the best.

Good Times.

Friday Funday to the zoo today with Ashlee & Xav!

If you have time to waste and want to work that brain, check out this game!

Thanks to this post at Rocks In My Dryer!

P.S. I had to make myself quit playing and got up to 18.812 seconds. How did you do?

September 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen: Things You Should Know When You See Disney On Ice

Last night we went to see Disney On Ice featuring Monsters, Inc.

1. Before we left for the show we had the boys look around their playroom.

“See all these neat toys? You have a lot, don’t you?”

The kids nod their heads.

“Remember this when we are at the show tonight.”

Believe me this comes in handy later!

2. If you get there early and decide to go to your seats, now is a good time to eat if you plan on eating. Bringing your food to your seats when the show starts in the dark with two kids and a baby is not the right time.

3. Be prepared to spend a fortune on said food.

4. Be aware that the food you do bring back to your seats must fit in your lap or in both hands while the rest of your row decides to leave as soon as you sit down to eat your food. And then when you get all settled again, be aware that the rest of your row will decide to just come back and sit down again.

5. Napkins. Remember lots of napkins.

6. Trying to eat with a squirmy 11 month old on your lap or in a baby sling is pretty much impossible.

7. Especially if he can't eat what you are eating.

8. Remember snacks for squirmy 11 month old. (I did remember I had packed some finally just before the show was over, but it was handy for those last few minutes.)

9. Bringing a squirmy 11 month old is not recommended.

10. Nursing a squirmy 11 month old in cramped seats is not very comfortable for mom and/or baby.

11. Do be ready to watch the delight and wonder on your child’s face more than you watch the actual show.

12. Remember where you parked and which entrance you came in. This may seem obvious, but, um, just take our advice.

13. Remember it all. Don't forget a thing, and I don't just mean the kids. I mean take a moment or two to breathe it in and savor the family time and togetherness. It's a good thing. Be thankful.

And speaking of Ice...
Ice cream, that is.
Be sure to stop by Cold Stone Creamery from 5-8 tonight for free ice cream!

September 26, 2006

Wordless Wednesday: Make-A-Wish

Here's Noah at last year's big Ice Cream Social sponsored by Cold Stone Creamery for the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Want to join in on the free ice cream fun? Be sure to stop by your local Cold Stone tomorrow from 5-8 PM. Click here for more info!
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September 25, 2006

A Wish, A Dream, & Free Ice Cream

Who wouldn't scream for free ice cream?!

Be sure to head on over to your nearest Cold Stone Creamery on Thursday September 28th from 5-8 PM. It's the 5th Annual World's Largest Ice Cream Social, and guests will be treated to a free serving of Cole's Creation (created by a Wish child.) In exchange for the free ice cream, donations are encouraged to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

We'll be at our local Cold Stone with Noah in his Make-A-Wish shirt greeting customers. You can read about Noah's Wish here. And this year Noah will actually be able to eat some ice cream!

We have been asked a few times - just what determines which children are deserving of having a wish granted from Make-A-Wish? Noah is well now, and not terminally ill. But his disease is considered life threatening. You can see the full story here.

The mission of the Make-A-Wish Foundation® is to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. Children must be referred to the Foundation and determined to be medically eligible for a wish by their physician. The child's treating physician makes the final determination of whether a child's medical condition qualifies him or her for a wish.

We can testify to the hope, strength, & joy of being blessed by the generosity and love of Make-A-Wish. Their focus is not only to bring this amazing hope to a deserving child, but also to the parents and siblings. Noah's wish is something we will always remember as such a magical, special time for our family.

Please spread the word & join us in this fabulous ice cream for wishes event!

Do I Make You Proud?

I was watching the Amazing Race 10 last night and one of the teams is a pair of single mothers. One of them said that they hoped to win and do well just so their children could see what their Mommy did.

My first thought was, my children probably care more about the time I spend with them than what I achieve in life.

Is it important for our children to be proud of us? Aren't we the ones that should be proud of them?

All this time raising my kids, I've never felt like I should be doing more, achieving more, winning awards, in order to make my kids proud. If I did any of those things, it would be in service to the Lord, or to better my ownself, or to make my own parents proud!

Now, as I've gotten older I can definitely say that I am proud of my parents, but it's not for some big incredible feat in life. It's for the small things like their giving hearts and real, genuine personalities. For just being themselves. Growing up I don't ever remember wishing my parents had accomplished more.

I do remember them loving me, putting their children first, and always being there.

The only awards I plan on anytime soon is a World's Greatest Mommy picture made from a paper plate and the constant praises of how I am the bestest when I put clean pajamas in their drawer and can give The Best soft-voiced reading of Goodnight Moon three times in a row every night. This makes me proud.

September 23, 2006

A Pretty Good Week End

Friday Night,
Garden Gala,
date night with
my hubby.
Hob Nob with
my favorite
artsy-fartsy-type crowd.
Jazz trio,
great food,
engaging conversations.
Make new friends who also babywear!

Daddy makes apple pancakes.
Go to dinner later with family, good times. Popcorn, old-fashion kettle-popped on the stove, Chronicles of Narnia in HD, pjs on, knitting a new blanket.

A pretty good week end.

September 22, 2006

Perfect For A Silly Saturday

I just had to do one of my own!

I saw it at Heaven Sent & The FlipFlop Mamma ... too fun!

Check it out if you'd like a laugh- wait for it to load because it is worth the wait!- then have fun and play along with your own pictures!

If you do, please let me know 'cause I just gotta see it!

September 20, 2006

America's Next Top Toddler

So Carter is still talking about the fashion show and wants to know when he can do it again. I never would have imagined he’d be like that!

There were three boys and about ten girls in the show. As a mom of all boys some things were just foreign to me… while all the moms & kids were dressing for the show, high pitched voices were exclaiming, “I have pink tights, white tights, & cream tights.” “Where’s your tights?” “Get your tights on!!” Tights! Tights! Tights! AH!!

And now, we don’t live in an area where there are pageants or lots of fashion shows or anything. For everyone I am pretty sure this was an amateur thing. But I did catch a mom pulling her little girl to the side- she was maybe 3 or 4 years old, and she said “You need to have a good attitude and do a good job. Remember, this is not about you.”

I just looked at Carter with his rumpled hair, big toothy grin, dressed so dapper, “Just be yourself, buddy bear.”

September 19, 2006

Wordless Wednesday: You Are Special

...a favorite photo of Carter at 1 year old.

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Wordless Wednesdays.

They Truly Don't Keep!

I snuggled Grayson close last night- he slept like a little bunny with his head burrowed in my chest. He'll be one year old in less than a month. He's almost walking, too. Does that mean he'll no longer be a baby?

P.S. This picture is of Gray at one week old.

This post is what brings most people to my blog according to Google & my site meter. I am happy to see some new faces come out of the woodwork to give their Amens to yesterday's post, too.

It's true.

So quiet down cobwebs;
Dust go to sleep!
I'm rocking my baby and
Babies Don't Keep.

September 18, 2006

Don't Box Up The Baby!

Although I don't tend to agree with most parenting magazines, I did approve of a recent article in Parenting where they urge parents to Unbuckle That Baby!

Between his car seat, stroller, swing, and Exersaucer, your baby could easily stay strapped inside one thing or another all day. But while that may be convenient for you, it's not so good for him.
Many experts believe there's been a "containerization of babies" in recent years, says Judy French, Ph.D., professor emerita and former chair of Early Childhood Studies at Boise State University, in Idaho.
It's an unfortunate trend, because infants benefit and learn from being held closely.

article goes on to suggest wearing a sling (can I get an Amen?) and taking baby out of the car seat when you're out & about and carrying him- he'll like it!
One magazine that I do find to have all great articles and no questionable advertising is Mothering magazine- their website is a great resource, too!

September 17, 2006

What I've Learned This Weekend

Noah has told me that the new phrase for "sitting indian style" is pretzel legs.
As in: Teacher said me & Jordan were being good sitting with our pretzel legs. Then he shows me a demonstration of himself with pretzel legs. Good job.

When I am completely caught up on every bit of dirty laundry in the entire house, there isn't enough room in our dresser drawers to contain it. This certainly isn't what the Lord meant back in Malachi 3:10, is it?

I think I am becoming addicted to my brother in-law's new worship CD! I feel a contest coming on soon! Free CD anyone? Want to know how to get your ears on it? It's a gooood one! Stay tuned!!

September 16, 2006

Yeah On The Catwalk

By popular demand...

Click here for a little peek at Carter in his last outfit of the fashion show.

September 14, 2006

A Model Little Boy

Our Carter was in a fashion show last night! A children’s boutique owner in our downtown area asked if Carter would like to be in their fall fashion show. We’ve never done anything like this before and thought- of course! And what a neat way for me to get some special one-on-one time with my middle son.

A few weeks ago he was in a photo shoot for their invitations. I’ve cropped them to be a little private about our exact location!

He did awesome. He had three outfit changes and really charmed the ladies. His last outfit was so dapper and dressy and really got oohs and ahhs, especially when he strutted out with hands in his pockets and the sweetest smile on his face.

Afterwards, as a reward he got a couple pieces of chocolate. When we got out of the car to go pick up brothers Noah & Grayson from Grandma’s house, he still had an opened piece of candy in his hand. Daddy asked him why he didn’t eat his candy. He said: This is for my brother Noah!

And everybody went, Awwww.

September 12, 2006

Wordless Wednesday: Yay

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My Kitchen Table Is A Mess And I Am Loving It

I had a moment this weekend while the Sunday paper was sprawled across our large kitchen table and Noah sat next to me working on his homework- yes, kindergarteners have homework- a whole hour’s worth!

But as both boys sat there cutting with their special scissors and making art out of their jagged paper clippings, I had one of those please remember this forever moments.

Hoping my mind would take a permanent photograph of this very scene, with their messy hair, chubby hands turning into big-boy hands. Noah is still learning to write his name and someday he’ll be writing on fuzzy, pink construction paper & glue-sticked Mother’s Day cards to me. Then one day he’ll be writing essays. Maybe songs. Maybe important documents or papers or a revolutionary theory that will change our world.

I want to always remember him cutting crooked along the dotted lines.

The table was a mess … but I loved it.

September 11, 2006

We Remember. We Move On. We Make A Change.

This photo of Noah was taken shortly after the attacks on our country September 11, 2001.

We remember the past as we wept upon our knees, and will not forget.

Today we pray for peace. Today we stand. Today we will make a difference for a better future tomorrow.

Psalm 64:1
Hear my voice, O God, in my complaint; guard and preserve my life from the terror of the enemy.

I Remember

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Noah was just a baby, almost 7 months old. I remember nursing him in our TV room, then putting him in his bouncy seat. Jeff was getting ready for work and I was in my pajamas. I had the Fox Morning News on.

I watched as they announced the first plane hit. I didn’t realize- nobody realized- what was really happening. It seemed to be a small plane. It seemed to be an accident. I casually called to hubby, “Oh, a plane hit the World Trade Center.” Said more like “weird” than what we’d know it to really be.

I remember calling to hubby again as he was about to step out the door… “Another plane!”

That got our attention. I am sure it got yours, too. I didn’t leave the TV for days straight. I’d never watched that much CNN in my life. Nothing else was on, and this was all we wanted to watch. Over and over- how many times did we need to see the planes hit- again and again, the people running in the streets, the buildings crashing, the smoke. So much smoke.

The darkness. It was so dark and smoky and ashy and death was all around when the buildings collapsed. We didn’t know what was going to happen next. We live near Chicago and we prayed that the terror didn’t come this way, too. Another plane crashed into the Pentagon. Another one in a field… what is happening? How could this happen?

This was something that took days to process in our minds. And still to this day when there is footage, or when the 1 year anniversary came around and we sat and watched it all played out on the news again, we still couldn’t look away.

9/11 was a turning point for our nation, and most of the world. There is no going back. We’ve all changed, whether we choose to realize it or not. Carter, our middle son was considered one of those 9/11 babies when he was born 10 months later during a baby boom that was credited to families drawing close for comfort from the sudden shaking of our world as we knew it.

Things changed. History happened that day, and we were a part of it. How is it that I felt so involved and affected, and I didn’t even have a loved one inside a plane or one of the Towers that day? I am guilty of moving on and forgetting some days, letting that roll into years now, and not praying like I did that first day and the weeks afterward.

What a reminder to me- this world, our country, needs our prayers now more than ever.

To participate & read others’ 9/11 stories, be sure to check out Rocks In My Dryer.

September 9, 2006

What I've Learned So Far

What I've learned so far since Noah has been going to school now over 2 weeks (wow that went fast!) :

People drive too fast in the school zone! I have never noticed this before, but I did not have a school-age child in the vicinity and I am not liking all these speedy speedikins! I felt some relief when someone was pulled over the other day right as school was letting out... it looked like a high schooler. Mostly the people I see zipping through there are adults that should know better. I am sure I was probably one of those people before Noah started school, too. Keep it at 20 mph and your eyes peeled, people!

I am not the only mom that still drops her child off and picks him up right outside of class every day. I honestly had visions that I would be taking Noah to school and then bringing something for Carter & the baby to do while I knit or read outside his classroom. Seriously. But, I've been doing great. Just not ready for the bus yet. But I am not the only one!

I have also noticed that after a couple weeks, while dropping off or picking up your child, the need to look good has really worn off. I still dress pretty normally, but must admit at first there were a couple moms that I was like, "does she really wear a skirt and heels even though she stays at home?" But that same mom has been wearing sweats and a tee shirt the past couple days. Phew!

I am still so excited to hear about Noah's day when we pick him up. I am still so excited to just see his face! And to see and hear how much he totally loves it. On the weekends he has asked when he gets to go back to school. When he showed me his sit ups and push ups that he learned in gym class yesterday, I felt so proud!

Noah is growing up. Not like I didn't realize this before, but I have so many more reminders of it now. He's learning new things, making so many friends- the other day in the car he told me he has "Tons of friends, mom. Tons!" He even already likes a girl. I am not sure I am okay with this yet! McKenna said the funniest thing, McKenna found an acorn at recess, McKenna is so cute.

I have learned that this school thing is turning out to be all right. I'm gonna make it after all!

September 7, 2006

What Are We Teaching Them When We Grab The Camera First & Discipline Later?

There are just some situations where you must grab the camera and forego disciplinary action for the moment. I chose this one as such...

This was a couple years ago when Carter was almost 3 and Noah was 4 (and still on his special diet, so that's why he didn't partake in the chocolate fun.)

September 6, 2006

Wordless Wesnesday: Fall Is Here!

I just love, love, love this photo of my oldest son Noah
back when he was about 8 months old!
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September 4, 2006

On Sleeping In



Hey, Mommy.

Me groggily opening my eyes and squinting, seeing Noah at the foot of my bed: "Wha-what?"

Daddy said he’s going to make breakfast for us so you don't have to wake up!

Me, now awake: "Uh, thanks."

September 2, 2006

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Ok, you know how I said I had some dancin’ video somewhere?

Well this is from a couple years ago- not quite the grade-school slumber party dance, but definitely a product of it!

When my best friend Jenny got married a couple years ago, the bridesmaids (all friends forever since elementary school!) decided to do a dance to surprise Jenny at the reception… it was a hit!

I know it’s dark, but you can still see our awesome dance skills. I am the 2nd Dancing Bridesmaid from the left (l-r: Tammy, Me, Carrie, & Sarah.)

View Dance Here.

Oh, and we choreographed this all the night before the wedding!

September 1, 2006

Um, This Is For Real

As a mom of a bald baby, I can see where they are coming from, but I am sooo not going there!

And on The Tonight Show the other night I saw a lady putting wigs on dogs. Seriously.

OK They Go Again!

I had heard they did this originally in one take.

I think this is awesome proof- LIVE at the MTV VMA's last night!!

Oh I miss the days that me & my girls would choreograph dance routines at slumber parties! Speaking of which- I think I have some video of that somewhere around here...