July 31, 2006

Someone Invent It, Please!

I need a mean-mom mask. Do they make something for those situations when you are supposed to be disciplining and stern but you can’t suppress the laughter or smile?

Me: Carter, why are you yelling?!
Carter: Because Noah called me a stinky shoe.

Later that day...

Me: Carter, WHY are you CRYING?
Carter: Noah called me a boy!

And then there’s Noah...

Me: Noah, what are you doing to the baby?
I am pretending to be a big steak.
Pretending to be a big steak?!
Noah: I’m just pretending. Imagination, Mommy. (said like: DUH!)


  1. They really are too much! Can you imagine when Gray can chime in too?!

  2. I stumbled on your blog tonight and had to laugh! I was just talking about this with a friend this morning. I have so many times turned my head just to get my giggles out of the way so I can keep my stern face on! And there's also the... "Just because I've got my camera out and I'm taking a picture of this right now does NOT mean that you are NOT in trouble! This is for later when you are not in trouble anymore, and I want a picture to remember what happened!"

  3. Oh yeah, stop by and "meet" me sometime-- you can find me at laughterthoughts.blogspot.com

    I'll bookmark you and drop in again!:-)

  4. I'm especially ineffective with my mean mom face when it's dh who's dealing with the kids. He fusses at me because he can't really discipline them if I'm right behind him snickering and giggling.

  5. HAHAHAHA! I really wish that I had blogged when my kids were that age. I remember all those hysterical things they'd say. What fun!

  6. LOL that is too funny, I know I really have to practice that face too. I'm terrible at keeping a straight face.

  7. My hubby and I cover our mouths so often when discipling for naughty talk. It can be too funny!

  8. That is just too funny! Its so hard to be stern when you can barely not laugh!

  9. That is too much! I especially like the one about being called a boy... the horror! :) I look forward to these funny little anecdotes -- so precious!

  10. When you find that mean mom mask, market it and sell it! You would be RICH!!!

    Kids say the darndest things. Those were really cute.

  11. aaawwwww..... come on... THAT'S funny! But I sooo hear you! If ou do invent that mask, lemme know. I'm so buying it!

  12. Ok -- now that I have my act/mind together, I can mention how much I laughed at "stinky shoe". HA!!

    Did you get THIS one??? :) HEE HEE

  13. Those are too funny!!! I miss the days when SloMo said silly things like that! She's now getting into the tween stages where's she "cool." I can't wait for the Bean to start talking!!

  14. LOL sounds like my daughter when I asked her what she was doing and she said "I'm concentrating on making a mess" LOL Really?!?!?!

  15. I am so happy you write this stuff down for our amusement and your family's later amusement! So cute!

  16. Ha ha ha, a stinky shoe? oh, that's just precious :)

    I have never heard of pretending to be a 'big steak'. Those little guys are comedy gold.


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