August 11, 2006

My Baby Wears Wheat Diapers

I know, first my dogs and their weird diapers, now what?

Me: I switched diapers. They are unbleached and safer than Pampers.

My already skeptical parents: What, are they made out of wheat?

I really would love to do cloth diapers, but I guess my crunch goes soggy right there. So, since we already buy expensive Pampers, why not spend that money on something not as horrible for the environment and my baby’s private parts?

Thanks to the recommendation from Ashlee, the sweetest little bird over at New Mama’s Nest, I made the switch to Seventh Generation diapers.

How can you not be sold by this? :
Hundreds of studies have shown a direct link between dioxin exposure (in most diapers!) and cancer, birth defects and environmental and reproductive disorders.

And thanks to Ashlee's referral from 1-800-Diapers, I saved $2 on my order, plus got free shipping, plus got a free Parenting subscription... good deal!

And if this hasn't already sounded enough like a commercial, if you want to order (any brand of diapers, wipes, etc.) and get those good deals, too, use this referral code: ABWdiapers for $5 off your first order.

And P.S. about my dogs, maybe for another post-- we just have one now (the one that doesn't need diapers!)


  1. Well now that I'm done having babies there's just so much COOL stuff... no fair!

    Wheaties! Interesting!

    And the dog in diapers? HILARIOUS!

  2. P.P.S. These diapers are NOT really made of wheat!! : )

  3. I use cloth diapers. I love them...I do use disposables at night, just because she's such a heavy wetter that I haven't found a good combo in cloth that would stop her from leaking on our bed. (yes, we share sleep.)

    If she wears a disposable longer then just at night, she always ends up with a rash! Her skin is soo sensative. Maybe I'll check out these diapers for time use!!

  4. FlipFlop: I admire you for doing cloth! Maybe IF WE EVER MEET you can show me! : )

    P.S. We co-sleep, too. It's the best.

  5. Me too! I love 7th generation diapers... makes me feel a LITTLE less guilty about throwing all those diapers in the trash.

  6. I've been ordering Seventh Generation Diapers for Iris for quite some time from Every once in a while has some good prices, as well. The only thing I don't like about 7thG is that they are sized smaller than they actually say. I've got heaps of diapers I can't wait to use up because I ordered cases and cases of the darn things thinking she would be in the weight range for a LONG time. Nope! Just an FYI :)

  7. We use 7th generation diapers at night time too. We use cloth during the day but not so much at night. Like Flip flop said, it's too hard to contain all that pee and the smell at night.

  8. I'm very intrigued! I haven't have the crunch enough to go cloth, but Sophia's always getting rashes. And I've seen these sold in our local health store. WOO-HOO!! I know Trader Joe's carries this brand, but I never looked for the dipes. We don't have TJ'S out here {{snif sniff}}, but if someone else is around one, maybe worth checking to save on the shipping?

  9. It's funny b/c I feel I'm far from crunchy but even I do cloth ;) OK, PT but it's so much easier than you'd ever think!! And get some hemp stuffins and double stuff, total protection at night baby!

    We did use the 7th Gen for awhile before cloth but there were still some concerns I had with them although better than regular disposables. But man when we do use disposables I'm a sucker for Pampers. They sure know how to make them, if only they would stop putting Elmo all over them :)

  10. He looks so cute in that diaper!!! So glad you like them!

    Oh, and your new profile pic is beautiful!

  11. i am a slug. a lazy, lazy, slug. and i do cloth. it's way easy. honest. i do prefolds, and covers. i started out with bummis, and i like them, i do. but i recently discovered wool. which is the ultimate in lazytown. cuz you only have to wash it if it gets poopy, or if it starts to stink of pee. but that doesn't happen for long long times. anyway. the 7G dipes still have the SAP gel in em, so they're still bad for the reproductive bits. if you're gonna go for a sposie, go for tushies (i think it's thye've got woodpulp or something in them, instead of the SAP. but honest to god, cloth is so easy.

    here's our cloth routine.

    lay prefold down on changing table.

    lay baby ontop of prefold.

    unsnap the snappi (i think is the website)

    remove other cloth diaper. if wet, toss in pail. if poopy, set gingerly aside, well out of baby's reach

    spritz the bum, wipe,

    fold 2 sides of diaper in to middle

    fold up under baby's belly button

    bring back sides around to front,


    pull on wool pants.

    *and go flush poo if needed.

    i wash about every 2 days. sometimes 3. i don't wetpail or anything. i figure, as long as the solid bits are gone down the drain, well, it's a diaper. i'm not gonna cry if it gets stained. altho, our wash routine is disgustingly simple too

    prewash on cold/cold
    heavy wash on hot/cold

    that's it. no vinegar, no baking soda, no giant pail of poo stew fermenting. if it were hard, you can BET i'd still be in pampers.

    but yeah...check out tushies. and go to walmart and get some prefolds. (get a good bummis cover tho..the gerber ones aren't so good, plus you have to hand wash them) you never might like it.

  12. That sounds really interesting. I'm going to have to check it out.

    Thanks for linking to me in the post about the word cloud.

  13. saw you on WW and then saw this post...I use 7th gen too and love them!!

  14. I use 7th generation too - and love them. Also get them from 1-800-diapers. So smart of you to post your referral code!

    I had some of that same skepticism from family "What are THEY, organic diapers or something?" I think they leak way less than other brands. I agree that they run smaller - and the other thing I find frustrating is that there's no size indicator. Since I have one in size 5 and another in size 3 - it sometimes takes a minute to figure out who's diaper I've just pulled out of the bag.

  15. oh cool those look nice. i use cloth diapers now but if i didnt that be my next choice


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