August 2, 2006

I Really Do Have Rocks In My Dryer!

And in my washer, too.

Where’d they come from? Well, I do have three boys… and see also the previous post…from the beach.

One of the very first blogs I ever read, and still one of my all time-faves is Rocks In My Dryer. The All-Original One with rocks in her dryer- Shannon, has such a unique and witty way of writing. I always look forward to what she’ll post next.

Recently she posted proof that there were indeed rocks in her dryer. It was quite entertaining to read the odds & ends that we have all found in our dryers and other appliances. Check out the post and be sure to read everyone’s comments!

And then of course you must let me know what crazy and unusual things you have found in your dryer, washer, in your kid’s diaper, in the couch cushions, etc!


  1. yes - some strange things can get in there. I often find little sticks - and yes rocks.

  2. Once while my littlest was wearing a onesie, I changed his diaper and on his stomach under his diaper he had a sticker stuck to him! I would have loved to figure out he got that there!

    Maybe my kids aren't old enough, I've never found rocks anywhere...I feel like I'm missing out! I often find money (coins) that Stephen has found somewhere and stuck in his pockets...but that's not nearly as funny.

  3. Man -- are my kids out of the loop??? As far as diapers go, all I find is pee and poop. In cushions I usually find the small toy we've been looking endlessly for.

    Seriously, I am picking my brain and I am left with no rocks!!! My life must be boring -- or I am raising anals kids like their mother!!! :)

  4. Oh Lori (Glass Half Full) I am cracking up- you're "raising anals"
    I needed that this morning!

  5. Most interesting diaper -- when I found TONS of white fur from her Christmas dress that she had endlessly been sucking on. Maybe that's why she was constipated for a few days??? :)

  6. LOL I just left a comment over at Shannon's saying that the worst thing was my husband's cell phone.... thanks to Lil' Duck of course. That phone also went into a full bathtub before having to be replaced....

    Now diapers, he just takes them off ;).

  7. Okay, I have fished out my cat from the dryer, she crawled in when I was loading it up!

    Washing machine: Walet, a hanger (don't ask), pens, adhesive tape, rubber gloves, and name tags!

    Diapers: Nothing but the usual stuff, though that could change as the little guy gets older

    Couch cushions: just about everything from silverware, remotes, toys, rocks and bottles!

    Its amazing the kinds of things that pile up in odd places like that!

  8. The other day I pulled a water soaked Pull-Up out of the washing machine. I guess when my son changed out of his night clothes, he forgot to take his Pull-Up out of his pants. It was horrible because all of the little absorbent bead things were everywhere. I had to wipe up as many of them as I could and redo the whole load.

  9. Well, once while I was changing the Beans diaper I noticed a little black hair hanging out of her tooshie. So, I pulled...and I pulled...and I pulled, and I pulled a really long piece of SlowMo's hair out her little rear-end!!! I guess she ate it!!! I find tube after tube of chapstick in my dryer cuz SlowMo loves chapstick and I'm really bad at checking pockets!

  10. LOL... your post reminds me of my telephone which had so many ants in it! Was there sugar in the telephone? I really had no idea... :D.

    By the way, thanks for your comment on my blog, Stephanie. Honestly, I haven't thought about using the Zaky Infant Pillow in the NICU for preemies. That's a good one I guess.

    Has anyone else here heard about the pillow? Just come to my blog and give your opinion about it.

    Have a great day, Stephanie...

  11. My son is already fascinated with rocks too. I don't know what it is about them. Once I washed a computer memory stick that was in my hubbys pocket. Washed and dried and it still worked. I haven't found anything too abnormal from my son yet.

  12. My washing machine really started scaring me after I found a very small cardboard book in it. It took a couple minutes to figure out which book it was. My daughter had had a leaky diaper so I just grabbed her sheets and blankets, took the couple books off her bed that I saw and threw it all in the washing machine. It's surprising how big a mess one teeny tiny book can make! (I think I even posted pictures of it on my blog.)


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