August 9, 2006

How Do They Think This Stuff Up?

I realized today that I am still trying (and wondering if it is even possible?) to figure boys out.

Carter, get your shoes off of your ears.

Yes, he found a way to hang them from his ears after I told him to pick his shoes up off the playroom floor. Must. Be. More. Specific. Next. Time.


And now go vote (you can vote again each day!) for my youngest boy, whom has yet to claim the weirdness factor, but he doesn't even walk or talk yet...


  1. I don't know if I'll ever figure boys out either. I love my two and my DH who I don't know if I'll figure him out either.

  2. I have a 10 nearly 11 year old son Im still trying to figure him out
    but its fun!! :)

  3. BWAH!!! See? This is what I mean about boys... or maybe its just that Sophia is still too young to be that much of a wise-cracker. But that's hilarious!!! And I went & voted as soon as you told me to. I obey. {{hugs}}

  4. They are a different species!! That's really funny, though!!

  5. Were they RObeez shoes? :)

    CUTE OUTFIT he has on in shutterflY!!

  6. Is it sort of like hanging the spoon from your nose?

    We love Robeez too.


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