August 3, 2006

Friday Funny

And then there was the time I was at a movie with my good friend Jay. We were seeing some dumb-guy-movie, and the theater was packed.

In the middle of the movie a guy behind us was arguing with someone in our row. It seemed that a guy was mad at a girl and then her boyfriend stood up to stop it, then they were yelling loudly- standing up- during the movie… and they were getting mad.

I, being the do-gooder and also the paranoid “they might have a gun!” thinker that I am, ran to go get an usher or manager or someone.

I was on the end seat, so I jump up and dash out of the theater. Right down the hall were a whole group of ushers standing together. Perfect! (Cute ushers I might add.)

I was so nervous and excited about the incident in the theater, I blurted “THERE’S A FART!”

Oh no I did not just say that.

Quickly I say, “I mean a FIGHT!” and they were off to go see what was going on and HOPEFULLY (yeah right) didn’t even hear what I said or talk about it later during break and after hours and maybe still to this day. “That girl- ha- she came to tell us someone farted in the theater- ha.” (Yeah, a bit paranoid I am.)

And please, for the sake of baring all about my humiliating moment, post your embarrassing story, too, and let me know in your comments below so everyone can come visit your blog and laugh at you with you, too!


  1. Oh, that's a good one! I'll have to think. I DO have lots of embarrassing moments, but they don't always come to me...
    WAIT! Got one.

    Kay - I was dropping a friend off at O'Hare with her 2 year old. I brought my first child (6 weeks old) with - of course. Said goodbye. Sat down to nurse him before driving home. No big deal, but he (of course) poops. Go into the bathroom. NO CHANGING STATION. Change said baby on a hard countertop. RUN OUT OF WIPES WITH POOP GETTING EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere: Me, him, diaper bag, countertop, etc. I reached up to use the papertowel dispenser over his head. Which scared the heck out of him! Now, we have a screaming newborn (covered in poop), a frantic new mommy (also covered in poop) and many many people passing by and not offering any help. Sigh.

    Managed to get fairly clean and begin the drive home. GET LOST (typical Chicago construction). Get a speeding ticket from a very mean policeman while baby is screaming in backseat (still) and I am crying in the front seat.

    Go home and literally throw my diaper bag (not so poopy anymore) at my husband while I stand there crying hysterically. He thought I'd had an accident...

    Feel better?

  2. That really funny! (No, I'm not laughing AT you...:-)!!) I, too, have had some really embarrassing moments when it comes to things I've said. I've been so caught off guard when what comes out my mouth is not what was going through my head!! When I get really embarrassed my ears turn bright red, and I can feel them getting hot which gets me MORE embarrassed! (And as luck would have it, my hair is always UP when my ears are turning red... no way to hide them!)

    No words were involved (except for my "oh no!" mutterings afterwards) but I posted on an embarrassing moment just a couple days ago!

    Here's the math: gusty wind + peasant skirt = red face

    Here's the story:

  3. That's too funny! That's like one of those things where you say to yourself "don't say ____, don't say ___ ." So of couse you say ____. I have ton's of embarrassing moments just trying to figure out which one to share... I'll get back to you!

  4. That was FUNNY!! LOL!! I mean I was litterally LOL! I honestly don't have an embarrassing story! and If I do have one somewhere floating aroung out there, it must not have been too bad, cuz I don't remember it. I just know there's an embarrassing moment about to explode any moment for me!

  5. Hmmm. I'll have to think about one and come back. But for now, thanks Stephanie and Tracey... you made my morning! :)

  6. Ok - this is too funny! Here's a total blunder we heard a couple weeks ago:

    Our church has a kids service the second Wednesday of every month. We love it and Matthew has a blast.

    One night the M.C. was supposed to talk about his shirt and he accidently said SH@% I know!!! I was shocked then I felt bad for him. You could tell he was nervous beforehand and his face turned different shades of red. I mean really -- IN CHURCH!!!

    Thank God for His mercy and other Christians' mercy for that matter!!! I am sure he'll never forget that moment!!!

  7. Oh my, that is just hysterical! I'll come back when I'm done repressing my stories!!

  8. Hi there. It's been a while, but I've come back (as if...). Anyway, that's funny!

    I think one my most embarrassing moments was at a restaurant.

    I'm not the kind to go around belching - I usually scold those who do in my house, but out of NOWHERE I just belched - I was like "whoa!!! was that me?!"? I couldn't even try to blame hubby because I'm sure I was wearing the look of guilt! Oh my.

  9. Oh you guys are funny! I love hearing your stories! Keep 'em coming!

  10. Oh, that really had me laughing out loud!! I really needed that today. Thanks so much for not taking yourself too seriously and sharing that with us! Unfortunately, I'm so perfect I don't have any embarrassing moments to share.

    Yeah, right. Here's one of my most recent. I'll leave most of it to your imagination, but when discussing the subject of Finger Sucking with your pediatrician, try not to switch the first letter of each word....

    "singer what??"

    Still chuckling....

  11. I'm at work, couldn't contain the roaring laughter that came out. Oh well.
    That's so funny!, BWAHAHAHA!, tears coming out of my eyes, must regain my composure...
    Oh man, that was so funny. I’ll have to think about one I can share.
    “THERE”S A FART!”, don’t think I can top that one.

  12. Cute! I was telling one just today to my mother-in-law. Last month when I was at Costco, I started having EXCRUCIATING abdominal cramping. I told my daughter that Mommy needs to run to the bathroom. And so my daughter helped us clear the aisles by yelling urgently all the way, "MOMMY POOPY!"

    Thanks, dear....

  13. That is too funny! I have so many moments that I usually try to push them out of my head! I mean did you read my elementary meme, I did fall in a lake on a class field trip!

    As an adult I truly can't remember anything...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!
    Thanks for your comments on my blog!!

  14. I don't have a story that is laugh out loud worthy like that one! I was laughing a bit hard so my hubby asked what... and so I relayed the story... hilarious!

    Last year when I was prego, we were grocery shopping at Target. There was one other person in the aisle. Out of nowhere, and literally with no warning, I farted. Loudly. I couldn't believe it was me for a second... I ran. My hubby was humiliated too because he would have taken the blame, but I ran... it was obviously me... DUR! I just wanted to die of embarrassment!

  15. So, its okay if I'm a year late to this one right?

    I was once going to Six Flags with a friend's church youth group. I'd never met these people before we all got in the van together to leave. We stopped somewhere for food and I got a pack of nutter-butters (the big peanut shaped ones, not the little round ones) and after eating all but one I held up the last one and LOUDLY said to my friends CHURCH GROUP AND YOUTH PASTOR "Does anyone want my big penis?" And then I had to finish out the ride with them cackling, the youth pastor wondering if I was the devil, and my face burning red from the horror of it all.


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