August 13, 2006

Cloud On The Tip Of My Tongue

Get your Word Cloud here.
Tipped off by Mommy@Home - be sure to check hers out, too!


  1. Aren't these cool? Yours came out perfect!

  2. That looks so dang cool!! What a fabulous idea....

  3. You're the second person to have one of these up today! What the heck is it? Now I must click on the link to see....and maybe make one?

  4. Oh geesh! I just made one. I guess you should be careful what you blog about, because of my recent posts about my youth group girls, my cloud had these words in it: sex, suv, condoms, girls, and of course flipflops!!! Yikes, I won't be putting that cloud on my site!!!

  5. So cool. I never heard of these before.

    BTW, just read your beautiful note to your little man -- these moments are truly special. And it's so awesome to know that the wonder doesn't diminish with each child.

    Oh, and I love your new pic. I desperately need to update mine.

    Phewww... can you tell I've been out of the loop for a week?

  6. How fun!
    Thanks. I referenced to you on my blog for it, hope that's ok! (let me know, I'll edit if not)


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