August 23, 2006


First of all, the minestrone was awesome… I will be making this again and again… and last time I was at Olive Garden I bought a bottle of their salad dressing, so now we can have our own soup, salad, & breadsticks at home! Yay!

Noah is doing great. It’s been so fun for me to make things for him that he hasn't tried
before, so it's interesting when we go to the grocery store. Of course I am excited to make him Rice Krispie Treats, buy him ice cream cones, and squeeze 4 lbs of lemons to make fresh lemonade at his request- which was dee-lish, by the way!

He also starts kindergarten today!

So, summer has flown by and so has all the time I thought I'd have to catch up on my reading. I am just starting The Memory Keeper's Daughter and welcome your suggestions for other great reads!

I did not splurge on this, but I did get a great deal on a used Rockin Baby Sling on eBay... can't wait for it to arrive!!

Oh, and I told you I'd fill you in on our dog situation... Once Upon A Time we had three miniature pinschers and then two of them (males) decided to 'mark' anything and everything and almost drove hubby & me crazy. It was just too stressful, and marital & household harmony meant more to us than the dogs. I took them to our local animal shelter (no matter how good it was for our sanity, it still wasn't easy) and - God Is So Good - they were taken by the Min Pin Rescue group and supposedly were going to stay in a good foster home and most likely be adopted out together, living Happily Ever After.

We now are enjoying having just one dog and she is enjoying being just one dog among three messy eating little brothers.

And one last thing, Are You Ready? It only takes a few seconds so PLEASE be sure to click on this if it's the only thing you click on in this entire post! Thank you, Journey To The Prize for the link!


  1. Holy cow! It's 5 in the am....I was sooo not expecting that video! It made me jump! Now my heart is racing....very chilling.

  2. Loved the video, it made me jump and then brought tears to my powerful!!!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. First -- what to go Noah!! What a special day!!

    Second -- that video sent chills to my feet. And its raining/lightening here! How timely!!

    Third -- yes! Dobi and Jake found a home. Excellent!

  4. The video was great -- thanks for sharing! Hope Noah has fun at school!

  5. WOW! I was not expecting that video. So powerful. It is thundering and lightening here as I watched it. It sent chills and goose bumps up and down my body.

  6. I hope Noah has an excellent first day of school!

  7. Thanks for that video, it made me jump too.

    Good school days to Noah!

  8. Okay, that video made me jump! I'm so glad Noah is able to eat all sort of yummy things, finally.

  9. OOh thanks for link to that minestrone recipe! As fall approaches I look forward to soup and other hot food :)

  10. Thank you for the mention! The video is sooo worth passing on!

    Good for Noah!

  11. Girl! Read my blog. What did you do to get out the dog pee!?!?!

  12. the video isn't loading for me - boo hoo! I don't know why?!?

  13. I am going to add this video clip to my blog this week. Thanks. Your blog was the first place I saw it. :)


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