August 30, 2006

8 Out Of 10 Owners Who Expressed a Preference Said Their Cats Preferred Stephanie

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The best one yet:
Adventures In Babywearing Tested, Mother Approved.

Make sure you tell me yours
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  1. "For The Valarie You Don't Yet Know."

    I don't think I'd pay for them to be my advertising company.

  2. "Loves the Ashlee You Hate."

    Hey now!

    You always find the funnest stuff! Yours is good

  3. "Fresh from the Captain's Xavier." - That one's cute!

  4. OMG, mine is PERFECT for me right now!

    "Because mamamilkers is complicated enough"


    Thanks for the giggle :)

  5. "You'll Look a Little Lovelier Each Day with Fabulous Pink Lori" (a great t-shirt for me)

    "Your in Good Hands with Matthew"

    "The Mark Breakfast"

    HA - "Vorsprung Durch Steve"

  6. I couldn't stop myself. I just kept hitting the 're-load' button. Darn you, Steph! You find the most addicting stuff!

    ~But I’d Rather Have A Bowl of O Mama Mia.

    ~Go on, Get Your O Mama Mia Out!

    ~When You’ve Got O Mama Mia, Flaunt It!

    ~Lip-smackin’, Thirst-quenchin’, Ace-tastin’, Motivatin’, Good-buzzin’, Cool-talkin’, High-walkin’, Fast-Livin’, Ever-givin’, Cool-fizzin’ O Mama Mia.

    So of course, I blogged this!

  7. Ho, Ho, Ho, Green Jodi!


  8. Ok, I just couldn't stop:

    With A Name Like Adventures In Babywearing, It Has To Be Good.

    The Adventures In Babywearing That Likes To Say Yes.

    The Best Part of Waking Up is Adventures In Babywearing in Your Cup.

  9. "Happiness is Laundry Pile-shaped."

    Hmmm. Not to sure about that. Let me try again:

    "He who thinks Heth Drink Heth."

    "This is the age of the Heth"

    "When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be Heth Overnight."

    Oh my! I better quit now....

  10. How fun... "Get Lisa or Get Out!"

  11. Well... I know I need to lose weight, but this isn't nice:

    "Make Room for the Looneybin4sure."

    Ha ha! I added a few others to my post today. That was fun.

  12. phjio"Beware of Expensive Heidi"
    "The Flexible Butterfly Mama"

    You always find the funniest stuff!!!

  13. I am SO laughing...listen to this...

    "Leaves your Tammy minty, not mediciny."

    hehehehe...thank you for the morning giggle!

  14. "It's That Frog and Toad Are Friends Feeling."
    "Gotta Lotta Frog And Toad Are Friends."
    "Reach For the Beck." Eeeek!

  15. "It's the right one, it's the bright one, it's flip flop mamma!"

    That's good huh?
    that was fun.

  16. I did the FAntasy man

    Fantasy Man, it's everywhere you want to be!!!

  17. LaughterThoughts Wanted.

    Have a Break. Have a LaughterThoughts.

    LaughterThoughts Tested. Mother Approved.

    Time to Make the LaughterThoughts.

    For the LaughterThoughts You Don't Yet Know.

    And here are my favorites:

    We’re Serious about LaughterThoughts.

    Have a LaughterThoughts and Smile.

    The LaughterThoughts that Smiles Back.

  18. This was fun enough to do one for everyone in the family!
    "wouldn'tyou like to be a Feezor too?"
    "Chocolate Linda since 1911"(yea, I've been loving it that long!)
    "turn loose the Stevie"
    "Bougie - the other white meat"
    "puts the Soteria in Britain" (how'd they know?)

  19. "Things happen after a cowbell"
    "The Dirt says Hot, The Label says Cowbell"
    Ha ha ha
    Great link!

  20. A Barefoot in the Garden is Forever!

    Nothing works better than a Heather

    And the best one of all....

    Come one Come all to Heather!


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