July 14, 2006

Would You Like A Piece?

Noah: Carter, would you like a piece of quiet or loud?

Carter: I want a piece of quiet (said with grumpy frown face.)

After a few seconds...

Carter: Ok, I'll have a piece of loud now!


  1. Oh my, that is so cute and too funny!

  2. So clever how little ones take our everyday sayings and give them new meaning. I love your boys' names, by the way. And your sling!

    (oh yeah-- and I took the granola quiz, I'm only a 52!)

  3. sooo funny! My mom would always say "give me some peace and quiet!!!!!"
    I never say to my kids though. Very funny!

  4. Oh my! What great imaginations! Or are tehy imitators, like the grand art Sophia's picked up... I think she's being a genius, then she tells me "That's what Gigi says.. HA!" stinker... Nut I LUV this one!

  5. That is so creative. You need to write that in their baby books! Too cute.

  6. Hmm I love the idea behind this website, very unique.


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