July 27, 2006

Thursday Thirteen: My Favorite Baby Things

Thirteen of My Favorite Things for Baby
  1. Robeez! If you know me well, then by now you are aware of my obsession with Robeez baby shoes. No need for socks that won't stay on or "hard soled" shoes that are no good for their feet anyway. They are machine-washable and also have great re-sell value on eBay!
  2. Hanna Andersson Baby Zippers! I love the soft, organic cotton. I love that you can wash these hundreds of times and they still look new. I love that they grow with baby from the cuffs at the sleeves and ankles. Gray sleeps only in these zippers! Also, anything from Hanna makes for a great re-sell on eBay, too.
  3. eBay! I've gotten some great deals on things for baby, and am able to buy more by reselling what he's outgrown... it's a cycle that helps this stay-at-home mom be resourceful while still dressing my children fashionably!
  4. The Baby Safe Feeder -I think this is the best teether ever when you put ice cubes in it! Perfect to occupy baby while at restaurants, too- just take ice from your water glass and put it in the mesh feeder.
  5. Babystyle.com - I just love this website and their softest baby pants & tees. Check out their super sales & sign up to get their coupons via email. (And again, you'll almost get back what you pay for when you resell on eBay!)
  6. Slings, Slings, Slings! I love my mei tai and my ring slings. My mei tai is from Free Hand Baby Carriers. To get a good ring sling, check out your local LLL for a Maya Wrap or for a really rockin' ring sling, check out Urban Baby Runway's awesome carrier collection.
  7. Arbonne Baby Care - I love the hair & body wash, body lotion, & the herbal diaper rash cream works excellent!
  8. Bebe Au Lait nursing covers for chic mothers! Nurse discreetly in style- I love mine! With the unique design at the neck, I am still able to nurse and see Gray at the same time. He usually needs to look at me and touch my face while nursing (precious, I know!) and we can do that with Bebe Au Lait's cover! (And you'll see that these are also known as Hooter Hiders and, um, I chose to get the one that says Bebe Au Lait!
  9. Newman's Own Organic pretzels - as Gray is starting to eat snacks (still mainly nursing, but he enjoys a pretzel or two here & there!) these pretzels are the best. And you have to buy enough for everyone- not just baby!
  10. Heavenly Lullabies CD - you just can't listen to this without feeling so peaceful and calm, and sometimes I'll put it on when I need to relax after baby is asleep! One time I had it playing in the kitchen while I was making dinner and I looked to see Carter asleep with his head on the table! Yes- it's that soothing!
  11. AskDrSears.com and the Dr. Sears books - as much as I dislike most parenting books, I find that Dr. Sears has some very helpful & sound information for parents.
  12. Friends! (Mark & Xavier to name a couple!) - 'cause every mommy & baby needs a play date once in a while!
  13. Brothers! - 'cause I love how our kids love each other and are so helpful and watchful with the baby. I should say that Gray's favorite things has to be his brothers!

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  1. Great list! I love Hanna Andersson too, their cloths can't be beat! And Robeez are the best shoes out there, though we also like pedoodles, for older kids! :) I love your list, theire are several things I am going to have to check out too! :)

    My TT is up, Happy Thursday!

  2. You're too sweet adding Mark as Gray's friend. :) Isn't it cool that we have kids so close in age? Blessings!! :)

  3. I am a lover of Robeez also, always have been (even though my first baby is only 2 months old, she already has a couple of pairs)!

  4. I love most of these too, I'll have to check out those organic cotton clothes...too cool. We love Robeez and organic pretzels here as well!

  5. Love, love, love ebay! And I have some great Hanna Anderson stuff too!

  6. Love Love Love Love Love Robeez!!!!! Great list!!!!

  7. Wow, things have changed in the short two years since I had my youngest. If I ever have another one, I am definately using some of these sites.

  8. Such a great list and I discovered some great tips along the way! Funny you should list Robeez as #1 because I just bought Bode a pair for the fall. I can't wait to try them on his little feet!
    P.S. And I'm honored to be numbered among your chosen a.k.a. blogroll. :-)

  9. Great list! I love ebay and robeez!

  10. I love Robeez too! I got my first pair for Boo from a friend of mine when he was born and I've been hooked!

  11. What a great list! Some of my favorites too! I love Gray's face in that photo!

  12. I'm totally out of baby stuff, so thesea re all new to me. They sound good, though! Thanks for stopping by my TT

  13. LOOOOVE my Robeez and especially my slings. I'm getting a little sad that my youngest soon will outgrow both of them. :o(

    Have you ever seen this? I've made dozens of them for dollars apiece (I trade slings for massages with my midwife :o). So if you sew or know anyone who does . . . it's a VERY simple pattern to follow. These slings are great to have in the diaper bag or in the car or anywhere you might need them.

  14. how did I miss this last week?!?!

    So Sorry!

    those are great things! I have never seen those sleepers before - they look great. And I always meant to buy one of those teether for Julia, but i keep forgetting to do it. Silly me - they look so great!!

    and yes - robeez rock!


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