July 24, 2006

Mondays Are Good

Am I the only one that actually looks forward to Mondays? I thought maybe it was a stay-at-home-mom thing, you know, after a busy weekend with everyone in & out, it's nice to have the recovery time on Monday. Get things back in some sort of order (or what at least appears like order.)


So there's a new word on the blog block, courtesy of Valarie who suggested it to Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer.

Mirl (v.)--acronymn for "Meet In Real Life";
description for the transition that occurs when
an on-line acquaintance becomes a friend you have
actually met face-to-face.
I like it! I have "mirled" a few people on-line and it has always been a good experience, sparking a long-time bond. Currently a blossoming friendship has become of a mirl-ing with my friend Ashlee at New Mama's Nest. I'd say things are moving in the right direction to meet up (or mirl) with FlipFlopMamma sooner than later, and I'm seeing great friendships form with my blogfriends O Mama Mia & Working Mom of 1.
I guess it's kinda like online friend shopping, this blogging thing. If only everyone we met in life came with a few writing samples explaining their likes & dislikes and summarizations of their everyday life.

And now I leave you with something plucked from yesterday's message in church- something to think about as you start your week. A headstart to live it to the fullest.
John 10:10b
I came that you may have life, and may have it abundantly.
He did not come to give us a little life. You can read 'little' as a tiny, unimportant life. Or 'little' as in a short life. He came for the sole-purpose of us; He sacrificed His Life so that we could live life to the fullest- that we would have an abundant life. Live your life like it is worth something today. Because it is. He said so.


  1. Hmm. I tried to post once, but I got an error message. Sorry if this tunrs out to be a duplicate!

    I was just saying that I agree with you- Mondays are good. I also look forward to them. There's a sense of peacefulness about getting back on schedule. Not that I don't love having my dh home, but my ds has a harder time doing things like napping w/ daddy home. Too much excitement! :)
    Mondays are good.

  2. I like weekends cause hubby is home and I get to sleep in on Saturday and have a nap on Sunday :)

    How fun that you have mirled. I haven't yet - only recently have I met any bloggers from me area. Wish I could meet so many of you. It would be so fun! :)

  3. I like the peace Mondays can bring. I LOVE having hubby around during his vacations, but by Thursday, I'm looking forward to having life back to "normal".

  4. Great thoughts, Stephanie. Grayson has been tagged for a Meme by Caleb over at showered with grace. Have fun!

  5. Monday is my favorite day too. My mom had it as our cleaning day growing up, and I have the same tradition. It's nice to get things picked up after the weekend so that we can get everything else done that needs to get done.

    MIRL is great. I just meet an online friend for the first time. I was not disappointed.


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