July 9, 2006

In The Middle, Our Entertainer, My Baby

Four years ago today my little Carter-man was born. 9 lbs 12 oz (wow how'd I do that?)- I was fine, he broke his collar bone coming out. We had to pin his shirt for several weeks to keep his arm still. He healed just fine. We got further proof of this when he broke his arm at age 2 and saw the x-rays! We learned very early on that this one will be our "rough & tumble" one. Never a dull moment with that Carter. Many a mini-heart attack for Mommy with that Carter. Many kissed boo-boos for that Carter.

He is our child that can fall asleep while still eating at the dinner table, still putting the food in his mouth with his eyes closed. He has the most infectious laugh- and constantly entertains! Everyday there is a surprise for me by the toilet- he always leaves a toy there. Must bring it in when he has to go, then leaves it behind, forgotten. Everyday it's different- maybe a train, a car, plastic food, what-have-you. I have to smile- as if it says "Carter Was Here." Speaking of the potty, he is our child that must strip naked in order to go, let's say, something other than "number 1." Socks off and all.

He is the only person in our house that laughs at America's Funniest Home Videos with me. Somehow this endears him to me more than anything at that moment we watch the show together!

He has the biggest brown eyes I have ever seen in my life. I love to stare into them and feel so priveleged that I get to be his Mommy. He will always be my baby.

Happy Birthday, Carter!



  1. Your post is so sweet! Such a great "mom" post. :)
    Happy Birthday to your adventurous Carter. He looks like a happy young man! :)
    Many blessings for him in the years to come. (and, um, safety!)

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  3. Happy Birthday, Carter!

    May his mommy have fewer mini heart attacks this year.

    Boys are great, don't you think? :-)

  4. Happy Birthday, Carter!

    And as the fellow mother of a 9+ pounder--you get my donut pillow award for the day. :oD

  5. Happy Birthday, Carter-man!!! :)

    Enjoy the day!!!

  6. What sweet words! Hope he has a great day!

  7. What a sweetheart! I just smiled all the way through this post! I can wait for Liam to get bigger, but this makes me excited to see what a little man he'll be.

    Good luck to Carter on less physical ailments this year!

  8. Happy Birthday to you, Carter. Go easy on your mama this year.

  9. What a sweet post, I just loved it.
    My husband loves America's Funniest Home Videos so I found myself hoping our daughter will laugh along with him.
    Happy birthday to Carter!

  10. Awww...so nice! Happy birthday little cutie! that sure is a cute kid! man, I wanted boys soo bad...the futures not lookin' so good since I have 2 girls!!!

  11. Happy Birthday Carter!!!! This post is amazing mama! I definately think you need to save this for him to read when he's older.

  12. Wow, what a cutie he is. I've been been a closet blogger until recently and I really enjoy your blog. Thanks and Happy Birthday to your little man.

  13. Happy Birthday Carter!! Stephanie, those cakes look GREAT!! I hope that ya'll have an AWESOME day!!

  14. Happy Birthday Carter. That was so sweet to read. I hope you guys had a great day together.

    LOVE taht he must remove his socks to um, ahem...

  15. 9-12 - you go girl!!! :)

  16. Joggin over from Flip Flop Momma... My middle boy is 4 as well, and is the rough and tumble one too! I hopped over here cuz I saw you wearing your baby. Everyone around here is pretty unaccustomed to me wearing my youngest in a sling, how about you?

    Love your pattern, BTW!

  17. Such a sweet post and fun site. But as I'm ready to birth any day now, my very innards are SORE at the very thought of birthing someone that big. :)
    Happy Birthday!!

  18. Precious! He is adorable. Happy Birthday to your little man!


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